Getting the Most Out of Your Pharma Release

Successful content marketing is about storytelling, and health care companies have some of the most exciting and inspiring stories to tell. On top of that, health is one of the few things we all have in common. No matter our fashion tastes, our home-improvement needs or our transportation preferences, we all care about our health.

So why then are so many health care/pharma articles unsuccessful in the branded content space? It’s simple: They forget the element of story.

Bringing back the story in health care/pharma content marketing

Even in a regulated industry like health care and pharma, it’s still possible to tell great stories through Guaranteed Media Placements. You just have to decide ahead of time that telling the story is going to be your mission.

To do so, start by building your story around a likable protagonist — and no, the new drug or procedure you’re writing about does not fit the bill. People, after all, want to read stories about other people, so make sure to include them in your piece. Ideally, your article will focus on a person who has participated in your clinical trial or benefited from your procedure or medication in some way. Find that person and tell the patient’s entire journey, the whole thing, starting from the appearance of their very first symptoms. This not only makes the person more relatable to readers on the whole, but it also provides knowledge that may alert others experiencing the same early symptoms.

If a patient isn’t available, you can focus your story on a doctor or other health care professional, but the patient should be your top priority whenever possible. People are essential to good content marketing and relatable people are best yet.

Once you’ve got your patient, set out to tell their story in a simple, easy-to-read way. Stay away from jargon as much as you can, and focus on the patient and their specific journey. This isn’t the place to describe all of the benefits or complications of a given medication, and you certainly don’t want to drown the reader with endless data from the clinical trial. Use hyperlinks and the Important Safety Information to make that data available to readers who want to investigate on their own. Keeping it out of the body of your article, though, will ultimately improve your readership.

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Then, once your story is ready, partner with a trusted vendor to optimize your distribution. 

At Brandpoint, our pharma network provides hundreds of Guaranteed Media Placements on sites around the country, while also making the content available for newspaper editors in need of health pieces. This specially selected network is engineered to ensure all of your article’s necessary formatting and symbols will appear just as they did during compliance review. It’s the best way to distribute a quality piece that satisfies the industry’s unique needs and delivers real value to readers at the same time. 

To learn more about distributing your pharma Guaranteed Media Placements with Brandpoint, contact us today.

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