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Finding the right Format for your sponsored content.

Finding the Right Format for Your Sponsored Content

Integrating your content with publishers’ editorial content connects your brand message with a mass audience in a trusted editorial environment. Format your content using the FTC’s native advertising guidelines and you’ll create a powerful media play for your brand message. 

Mat releases, infographics and listicles, oh my! When it comes to content marketing, you can certainly tell your story in a number of different ways. And for many marketers, that risk-reward equation is equal parts exciting and terrifying. While finding the right format for your message isn’t always obvious, if you do it right, you’ll reap the rewards of an amazing story told in the best way possible.

So, how do you pick the content option that maximizes your reward while minimizing the risk? There’s no yellow brick road for you to follow all the way to Emerald City; instead, it takes some analysis, and we’re going to focus on that today. We’ll take a close look at mat releases, infographics and listicles so you can find the perfect partner for you — one that will have you clicking your heals about your content.

Mat releases: The brains of your content marketing operation

Mat releases have stuck around longer than their younger traveling partners, but when you’re in the market to tell a story in a journalistic fashion, they still offer unmatched value. Mat releases are great for messages that share consumer tips and really embrace the story-telling aspects of content marketing. They’re also very newspaper friendly. If print clips are important to you and your campaign, package your messaging in a mat.

Infographics: At the heart of data-driven stories

Sometimes the facts and figures tell the story best, and if you’re looking for a great way to disseminate a data-driven message — like the results of a survey — then an infographic is the perfect solution. Incorporating your data into an infographic is an easy way to make it leap off the page, and you can even use colors or size/font alterations to make sure the most important figures get noticed by your readers quickly without their having to wade through a forest of text.

Listicles: Have the courage to try this visual presentation

Many marketers have little experience with listicles, but those who have used them realize what a valuable tool they are. While mat releases are the go-to solution for text-driven stories, listicles offer the perfect format for messages best told via images. If your story surrounds food or travel, the listicle showcases the delectable dishes and lavish locations in a way no words can. This platform is also a great option for stories about pets, kids and anything else where the perfect picture brings a smile to any reader’s face.

Find the right content marketing solution for you

To learn about each of these content formats and to find the best solution for your message, contact us today.

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