Brandpoint’s Favorite Marketing Resources 2022

As marketers, we’re always looking for ways to keep learning and to stay updated on trends – after all, evolution is the name of the game!

We created a list of podcasts, email newsletters, websites, blogs and social channels that we’ve been loving that help keep us up-to-date on all things marketing. Check them out to add some new resources to your list!

Email Newsletters

Social Signals

Author: Greg Swan, Chief Creative & Strategy Officer at The Social Lights

Topic focus: Technical and future marketing, talks a lot about the metaverse, NFTs and social gaming.

Frequency: Weekly

Why read: Greg Swan is really into tech and brings us with him as he looks at the latest trends and how they will affect marketing. This newsletter is great for thinking ahead about ways to innovate and grow in the digital space.


Author: Ann Handley

Topic focus: Writing, marketing and “living your best life” – tactical marketing tips

Frequency: Biweekly

Why read: Ann Handley’s writing is fun and interesting to read. She uses humor and personal stories to get her points across. While her newsletter might take a little longer to read, it’s worth it for her point of view and reflections.

Daily Dive

Author: Marketing Dive

Topic focus: Daily news and insights for marketing leaders

Frequency: Daily

Why read: Even if you aren’t a marketing leader, this email newsletter is great for catching up on industry news and staying informed on what other companies are doing. It’s also very straightforward and includes industry news as well as strategies and tactics.


Content Marketing Institute

Content topics: General marketing tips, strategies and trends

Why read: CMI is always updating their content to include useful information to help out marketers at every level. From technical skills to more trendy, interesting points, CMI has your back with their blog posts.


Content topics: Marketing, advertising, agency life and tech

Why read: AdAge merge marketing and advertising into one site full of industry news – it’s an awesome resource for staying updated on the broader communications industry. They’re great at analyzing marketing and advertising campaigns and keeping their readers informed. They also do LinkedIn live sessions, so check those out if you’re more of an audio/video person.


Content topics: All things social media

Why read: Hootsuite is a trusted social media scheduling brand and provides great content on tackling social media challenges, trending social media strategies and how different industries can implement social media successfully.

Sprout Social

Content topics: Social media, marketing insights, career growth

Why read: Sprout is another great social media company, and their blog is a great spot for social media marketers to find trends and best practices. They also create content for other types of marketers and their site has lots of different resources.


Content topics: Wide range of marketing-related content

Why read: The HubSpot blog is pretty widely known, but we’re calling it out again because the content HubSpot puts out is great quality and covers a wide range of topics. From going back to marketing basics to covering trends, HubSpot can help answer marketing questions.

Neil Patel

Content topics: Marketing with a focus on SEO

Why read: Neil Patel writes great content on SEO, optimizing your website and growing through marketing. His digital marketing blog is a great spot for learning technical skills to improve your marketing performance.


Content topics: SEO

Why read: Semrush’s primary focus is SEO, and their resources tab on their website is full of content to help you better understand, implement and optimize your search engine. Whether you’re just getting started in SEO or you’re trying to level up on your SEO game, this blog is perfect for you.

Search Engine Land

Content topics: SEO, website marketing

Why read: From industry news to tips on developing content for Google search, this platform gives you tons of great resources on optimizing your site. This site is more tech-oriented, so if that’s your thing, check this blog out.

The Moz Blog

Content topics: Advanced SEO, technical SEO, keyword research, search engines

Why read: With a variety of content on how SEO can lead to marketing growth and increased revenue, this blog is great for anyone working in SEO or trying to get familiar with SEO.

Trello Blog

Content topics: Organization, project management, team cohesion

Why read: Trello is a great organizational tool that can help you organize your projects and provides you with a way to stay on top of priorities. It’s a good one for anyone starting a new role, looking for inspiration on handling new types of projects or for working through an organizational slump with hybrid work.


Content topics: Social media

Why read: From gaining followers to understanding metrics, Buffer goes in depth with social media use, how to optimize your platforms and best practices. They’re great at taking unique angles on social media topics that gives the topics an interesting spin and makes you think about it in a way you might not have prior to reading.

LinkedIn newsletters

In The Know

Author: Brandpoint

Frequency: Bi-weekly

Why read: What’s Brandpoint doing in this mix, you might ask? Fair question – it appears as though we’re shamelessly plugging our own newsletter … oops. This newsletter is fairly new and offers fresh takes on marketing topics. So far we’ve talked brand awareness, marketing with compassion and great video marketing content ideas.

Fresh Insights

Author: Beehive Strategic Communication

Why read: This LinkedIn newsletter is great for getting exposed to various topics each week. Beehive talks about their client stories, what’s happening at the company and addresses current topics and usually ties it all back in to company culture.


Social Pros Podcast

Host(s): Anna Hrach – Convince & Convert; Daniel Lemin – Convince & Convert; Erika Lovegreen – ICUC

Frequency: Weekly

Topic: Social media practitioners talking about trends, strategies and ideas

Why listen: This podcast features social media practitioners at leading companies discussing their thoughts on current trends and strategies. It’s super informative, interesting and engaging.

The PRWeek Podcast

Host(s): Steve Barrett, Frank Washkuch

Frequency: Weekly

Topic: Discussing top stories from the week through interviews with guests

Why listen: This podcast features a slew of awesome PR people talking about what’s big in the world each week. It’s a great way to stay informed and learn from the pros.


Host(s): Jay Acunzo

Frequency: Weekly

Topic: Recognizing creativity, conducting case studies of cool creative work to inspire listeners

Why listen: This podcast is extremely inspiring and takes a closer look at the creatives of the world. From baseball teams to yoga gurus, this podcast covers a wide variety of creative outlets and how we can take inspiration from these people and companies.

Hanson & Hunt

Host(s): Arik Hanson – Consultant; Kevin Hunt – CHS Inc.

Frequency: Monthly

Topic: News and advice from the communications industry

Why listen: This podcast covers the broad spectrum of communications – marketing, PR, corporate communications and social media are all discussed with Kevin and Arik. It’s great for tuning in every month and getting the latest communications scoop.

This is just a collection of our favorites right now, but we’d love to hear what yours are! Reach out and let us know your go-to marketing resources.

And if you could use help with your digital marketing needs, let us know – we’re happy to work through strategy and content creation with you.

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