Employment Branding: Get More Bang for Your Buck by Pooling Your Marketing and HR Budgets

The most difficult candidates to recruit are the ones who are already employed. They already have a good job working for a good company just not as good as yours, right?  One of the toughest aspects of your role as a recruiter is getting the attention of these passive candidates, the high performers, the ones that aren’t investing time in updating their LinkedIn profile or posting their resume to the job boards. The ones who aren’t looking for you?  All of this makes it hard to reach them. In fact, it’s hard to even find them!

But what if there was a way to make them come to you?

There is. Effective content marketing and employment branding can help you drive candidates to your website and ultimately, inspire them to apply for your open positions. Content marketing helps you reach that passive candidate by acting as general PR for your brand. Integrating your company’s story into professionally written content allows you to reach more candidates and create a positive impression of your company as a thought leader in your industry – something every talented candidate wants to be a part of.  Employment branding as well as traditional content marketing can help you create a sense of connection between you and your employment prospects.

Interested in taking your content a step further? Generate content from those that know your company best, your employees (hint, hint, there is a reason I’m writing this blog).  Allowing your employees to share their unique knowledge and experiences and express passion for their work sends a great message to potential clients and candidates. Direct employee branding, if properly structured and monitored, can be one of the best ways to promote your brand and connect to consumers and potential employees.  Be sure to establish guidelines and monitor all content distributed to your website or social channels.

If you are responsible for recruiting for your organization and you are feeling the pain of a competitive market, get your leadership on-board with boosting your content marketing strategy and including employment branding.  Your employees of tomorrow will thank you.

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