Study: The State of Digital Marketing for the Manufacturing Industry in 2022 [INFOGRAPHIC]

Digital marketing for manufacturing companies can be a challenging role. Not only are you faced with explaining a difficult, confusing subject matter with niche pain points, you’re also working to stay ahead in both industry and marketing trends. Marketers in the industry have their work cut out for them when it comes to creating content and building strategies.

Our State of Digital Marketing for the Manufacturing Industry Research Report 2022 surveyed 195 marketers in the field to better understand the challenges they’re facing, both as a company as well as from a marketing standpoint, what trends they’re seeing and what tactics they find most effective.

download the state of digital marketing in manufacturing report

We worked with Drive Research to get a comprehensive look at how manufacturing marketers are feeling today. Here are our findings.

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If you’re a manufacturing marketer looking for advice on content strategy or content creation, Brandpoint would love to learn more about your company and goals. Reach out to see how we can partner together!

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