10 Content Marketing Tips Inspired by Thanksgiving

As content marketers, we know that the holidays are an excellent time to capture the attention of audiences everywhere. While we’ve helped our clients create and distribute relevant Thanksgiving content, we’ve gathered some inspiration from JetBlue’s email campaign for our own Brandpoint Thanksgiving blog post.

We hope some sage content marketing advice will help you with your own campaigns as you prepare for 2018:

1. Squash your competition with high-quality, optimized content.

2. Meet regularly with your team to brainstorm gourd ideas for your editorial calendar.

3. It’s OK to get corny with your content – it can help you relate to your audience.

4. Use content to highlight the bread & butter of your brand.

5. Avoid keyword stuffing so Google doesn’t penalize you. Rather, incorporate keywords naturally.

6. You don’t need a cornucopia of content – focus on quality and relevance.

7. Keep track of your best content and harvest it for other uses. It’ll save you valuable thyme.

8. If you don’t see desirable results, don’t quit producing content cold turkey. Try re-evaluating your content marketing strategy.

9. Content marketing can be as easy as pie if you learn how to properly scale your content.

10. Most importantly, give your audience content they want to feast on.

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Brandpoint! We’re thankful for our dedicated employees and clients who motivate us to keep doing what we love to do – helping businesses succeed with content.

P.S. If you need a tur(n)key content marketing solution, we’re here to help!

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