Content Marketing Disguised as a Thanksgiving Feast

Thanksgiving is a great time of the year; football fans are gearing up for the playoff push and the holiday season gives us a chance to spend time with family and friends while getting some much-needed time off from work. However, your content marketing strategy is constantly working for your business, even during holidays.

The Thanksgiving holiday also gives us an excuse to overindulge in a bountiful meal, when you go back for seconds, or dare I say thirds, look at your plate and be reminded of all the aspects that go into an advantageous content marketing strategy.

Let’s start with the turkey – the succulent bird is the main course of the meal and your content is the main part your content marketing plan. Without consistently fresh content you have no content marketing strategy in place. Content can be anything from blog posts that inform consumers and stake your claim as a thought or business leader in your industry, to videos, images or infographics that represent your brand and inform consumers in a unique, interactive way. Your content needs to engage the consumer. Post topics that answer questions your consumers have, review a product they want, analyze trends in the industry or simply promote your services and inform consumers about what you do best. Engagement is a key factor in the success of your content marketing strategy.

The Thanksgiving meal is not complete without mashed potatoes and stuffing, and neither is your content strategy without your content being broadcasted through some form of social media. Every piece of content you produce should be in conjunction with social media outreach that directs consumers to your content. Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Instagram are all examples of social networking sites that, depending on your industry and need, can generate traffic and leads to your company. Somewhere next to your blog should live social media plugins that allow people to quickly share the content with their social media friends and followers.

Each year when my family sits down for Thanksgiving one part of the meal that is either loved or loathed is the cranberry sauce. The same can be said for SEO and content marketers – some believe whole-heartedly in the power behind SEO while others believe keywords and search optimization are beneficial but the quality of content is what will get consumers to return to the site. Developing an SEO strategy is commonplace for content marketers. Knowing how and what the audience is searching is beneficial to creating content they will find while online, but where SEO professionals differ is how to integrate that information into content.

After the dishes have been cleared and the coffee has been served it is time to make a little extra room for dessert. In the content marketing world, “dessert” comes after your content has been posted and you have gained some attention through social media or links from other blog sites or industry-leaders. Another credible site linking to your post is beneficial for SEO and some believe that “co-citation” will replace anchor text or keywords in the near future.

Brandpoint uses content marketing to help build brands, educate consumers and drive sales. With a sound content marketing strategy your business is sure to see results. Success through content marketing takes time and effort; consider if your company has the resources to establish a content marketing strategy and time to consistently produce high-quality and engaging content before jumping into the content marketing scene.

Meanwhile, enjoy the time with your family and friends this Thanksgiving and have safe travels, from your friends at Brandpoint.

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