Breaking Bad’s All-Star Content Marketing Team

The final episode of Breaking Bad aired Sunday night, ending a five year drama following the life of Walter White. In what was arguably the greatest TV show of all-time, Walter White, a cancer-stricken, high school chemistry teacher put down the red marker and traded it for a pistol and stolen methylamine to supply the southwest United States and ultimately European markets with his trademark blue meth. Breaking Bad captivated viewers everywhere – the 75-minute finale drew more than 10 million viewers and more than three days later fans are still craving more from executive producer Vince Gilligan.

Breaking Bad was one of the few TV shows that continued to top itself but did so eloquently, depicting the tragic downfall of Walter White and everything and everyone in his path. With countless twists and turns throughout the series, we watched White grow from family-man Walter to full-fledged murderer and drug kingpin, alias Heisenberg, before (SPOILER) poetically dying in a meth lab.

The show included several complex characters adding to the drama, like White’s wife Skyler and his son Walt Jr., drug lord Gustavo Fring and his right hand man Mike Ehrmantraut. But the meat and potatoes of the plot revolved around White, Jesse Pinkman, Saul Goodman, Hank Schrader and the DEA. When Vince Gilligan was writing the script I’m sure he didn’t intend to assemble a star-studded content marketing team, but he did, and if you’re a Breaking Bad fan struggling to understand how to achieve quality content marketing, here’s a character breakdown describing each character’s specific role within content marketing process.

  • Walter White: An expert chemist, White delivered the purest meth ever seen in the drug world. Essentially White was a content producer illegally feeding consumers with what they wanted. The cook role for content marketing belongs to the writer. Whether you’re in need of quality blogs, tightly crafted website copy or informative product descriptions, your content marketing writer should dive into your industry to develop engaging content your audience wants to see. White’s chemistry knowledge didn’t only pertain to meth; he also used thermite to break into a warehouse and prepared the poisonous chemical ricin for lethal purposes. Content marketing producers needs to be versatile too; capable of meeting different writing styles and using different mediums all together like posting videos or hosting webinars.
  • Saul Goodman: The crooked lawyer in the show, Saul Goodman always had the answers. He had the connections, understood the marketplace and analyzed the industry. Like any good strategist, Goodman always had a plan. Strategists are vital to all quality content marketing efforts. The strategist’s role is to create a content marketing plan of attack. From analyzing the industry for areas where it’s possible stand out from the competition to developing keywords and blog topics for writers to produce, the strategist has all the answers.
  • Jesse Pinkman: Embodying a wannabe gangster, Pinkman fought drug abuse throughout the series before becoming a figure of compassion to many fans. White initially teamed with Pinkman for help distributing the product and soon learned Pinkman’s connections led him to bigger opportunities. Social media networks like Twitter, Facebook, Google + and LinkedIn are ideal mediums to distribute content in today’s constantly connected world. These social media platforms allow you to interact with other businesses and customers one-on-one, helping build lasting relationships and showcasing your brand personality.
  • Hank Schrader and Steve Gomez: The main operative for DEA agents Schrader and Gomez was to find the person responsible for making and distributing the infamous blue meth. It took Schrader five years, hours of rehabilitation and one satisfying trip to the bathroom before putting the pieces together to determine his own brother-in-law, White, was the mastermind behind the international meth operation. Similar to detective work, Google’s search algorithm uses “spiders” to sort through billions of web pages, analyze keywords, content quality and relevance to a user’s search query. This algorithm determines how webpage results are ranked by the search engine and for content marketing, top organic search results is the purest form of success.

At Brandpoint we’ve assembled a top-notch content marketing team of our own. Learn more about all of our content marketing services and how we can help your company increase traffic, engage your audience and drive sales.

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