New Content Marketing Platform Helps You Conquer Content Chaos

This space is usually reserved for relaying Brandpoint’s insights about how you can improve your content marketing practice. Today’s post is about something new and exciting at Brandpoint. But in the end, like everything else we do, this new idea has the same goal: to make you a better content marketer. So here’s our news:

Brandpoint is introducing a brand new content marketing platform to the world this month – BrandpointHUB. The new SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) product was unveiled at Content Marketing World September 8 – 11 in Cleveland. But BrandpointHUB’s impact is already starting to reach far beyond the show, and the story is unique.

“Brandpoint has created millions of pieces of content for our clients since 1996,” said Scott Severson, Brandpoint president. “To manage all that content efficiently, we developed and perfected our own proprietary workflow software. BrandpointHUB takes that successful internal platform, builds on it, and offers it to users who want to streamline their own content marketing practice – from planning, creating and reviewing all types of content to publishing it and measuring results. We like to say that it helps users conquer their content chaos.”

“One of the many features that makes BrandpointHUB unique is its workflow function,” added Severson. “The HUB eliminates endless email trails, Excel spreadsheets and Word files with revision tracking. Users can easily build unique workflows for every type of content they create. Those workflows automate the review and approval process. BrandpointHUB users benefit from the streamlining and efficiency that having one source of truth provides for all their content.” Take a look at this article for more insights on the kinds of efficiencies that a content marketing platform such as BrandpointHUB can provide.

BrandpointHUB was designed for use by both end users and agencies alike. “Companies will love BrandpointHUB because it will save them time, work and money,” said Severson. “They’ll spend less time managing content while producing more of it.” Darin Meyers, Brandpoint’s Director of Sales for agency clients, added: “Any agency that creates content will find the HUB invaluable for streamlining the content workflow, approval and publishing processes with clients.”

BrandpointHUB is available for users to try free for 14 days. Go to to learn more about BrandpointHUB and watch a video on this exciting new content marketing platform. Free trial sign-up is available there, or directly at

For more information on BrandpointHUB, contact Product Manager Brent Swanson at 952-746-3673 or [email protected].

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