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The HUB: An Origin Story

This year is Brandpoint’s 20th in the content marketing industry, and in those two decades, we’ve produced a lot of content. We’re talking hundreds of thousands of pieces of content created for a multitude of businesses, agencies and individuals. We know there’s no satisfaction greater than seeing our work bring success and results to our clients.

We also know there is often no process more complicated and time-consuming than creating content.

We recently surveyed our current clients and found that a whopping 86 percent of them were wading through a flurry of emails and a hodgepodge of word documents and spreadsheets for each and every piece of content created. Bottlenecks, headaches and draining back-and-forths clouded the potentially clear stream between concept and publishing.

That’s where the vision for BrandpointHUB began.

We modeled the HUB after the same proprietary collaborative writing software we designed several years ago to help us streamline our own internal processes. As Brandpoint grew, we developed this sturdy platform to help our processes keep up with our growth. The HUB was born from that same purpose of functionality, simplicity and versatility.

The Basics

Scheduled publishing, task-assigning and tracking, and in-HUB alerts and notifications come standard, virtually eliminating those constant status emails cluttering up your already busy inbox. The HUB also features the ability to create content right in the platform and publish to a forever-growing list of compatible social and publishing platforms, as you would expect from any CMP.

The Really Good Stuff

Here’s where we got to have some fun.

Because we’ve been in the content-creation business so long, we understand that different types of content require different workflows. In the HUB, you have the ability to create over 30 types of content, each with its own workflow that can be modified to fit your needs. You have the ability to use the HUB as content-creation software as well, storing ideas and forming content strategies in the same environment the content will be created.

Unlike most enterprise-level software, the HUB is also simple and easy to use. It’s a practical solution that provides everything you need from your CMP.

And of course, there’s the price. $50 per seat (plus a generous free-trial period) is significantly less than most other options, especially when you consider how much time and money (and headaches) you’ll save.

The Future

As I type, our tech masterminds are putting the finishing touches on some robust measurement tools that will aggregate internal HUB data along with Google Analytics and external platform analytics. This melting pot of data will help you understand how each piece of content performed as well as map its entire journey.

We’re also working to add a feature that allows businesses and agencies to organize content beyond a simple campaign level. It’s called “Groups,” and it will allow you to build teams around brands, departments, product lines and more, keeping all of your content organized into different rooms under the same roof.

Your Bottom Line

When you’re looking to get more out of your content marketing efforts, a close look at your process and the inefficiencies therein is a great place to start. If you’re like most companies out there, a CMP will cure most of what ails you, and the newly released and ever-evolving BrandpointHUB will probably be your best bet.

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