BrandpointHUB content marketing platform now ten times faster

BrandpointHUB just got 10x faster

A year and a half ago, we launched BrandpointHUB, a content marketing platform designed to make content marketers’ lives a bit easier. Since we’ve been creating content at scale for over two decades, we knew having a central location to plan, create and manage all your content would be a great place to start. While BrandpointHUB’s first launch marked the culmination of a lot of hard work, we quickly realized we had a lot more to do.

Now, we’re excited to unveil BrandpointHUB Version 2 and we’re pretty stoked about it! More about that in a second. But first…

Why we created a content marketing platform in the first place

Back in 1996, Brandpoint was founded with a simple goal: Use the internet (a fancy new tool back then) and content as tools to drive awareness and exposure for brands. Since then, we’ve gone through the content creation process millions of times and learned two things:

  1. Content marketing works and can drive real results
  2. The content creation process is is often excruciatingly inefficient

Just imagine the unwieldy spreadsheets for planning, a monsoon of emails for communicating, and multiple versions of one word doc for creating and tracking edits. And that headache isn’t the half of it. Gleanster research confirmed that companies who don’t invest in workflow software cough up $120,000 more to develop the same amount of content than companies that don’t.

We wanted to put an end to all that.

So what’s new in V2?

Pretty much everything. BrandpointHUB V2 isn’t just a second iteration of V1. We rebuilt it from the ground up.

It’s faster

One of the biggest issues with the first version of the HUB was the speed. So we made it faster.

10x faster, actually.

We turned BrandpointHUB from a multi-page (and often sluggish) platform into a lightning-quick Single-Page App. Adding new content, projects and workflows now take a fraction of the time it used to. This means you spend less time waiting and more time planning, creating, and measuring your content.

A more interactive Editorial Calendar

We made one of the HUB’s best features even better.

You can still drag-and-drop your content, filter by type, assigned user, or project, and share and export your editorial calendar.

But we’ve added a one-click Add Content feature that allows you to start planning a new piece of content right from the Editorial Calendar with a single click. Simply hover over a date you wish to add to and click.

Add content in BrandpointHUB with the editorial calendar

A better user experience

We took care of some no-brainers like putting frequently used buttons closer together and the menus in a more intuitive location.

But we also try to make it easier on the eyes.

Edit content in BrandpointHUB just like in Word

We cleaned up the content edit screen to give you a less cluttered place to create. You still have access to your Workflow, SEO fields, Revision History, and Comments like in the first version. But it looks and feels much better.

Ready to dive in?

The good news is HUB V2 is ready for you RIGHT NOW. The great news is you can try it for risk free for 14 days. Take it for a spin! Go find your favorite new feature!

Our developers have put in a lot of time into getting BrandpointHUB V2 up and running. And, with your help, they’re ready to keep chugging along making BrandpointHUB the only content marketing platform you and your team will ever need.

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