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Brandpoint Helps Erie Insurance Win Coveted Hubbies Award

The Hub, a leading media brand covering innovation and technology in digital marketing, has named Erie Insurance as a Campaign Award Winner in the Real Time Marketing category of the annual Hubbies Awards competition. Brandpoint is proud to be the content marketing agency of record on Erie’s powerful Black Ice campaign.

The Hubbies celebrate breakthrough digital campaigns and the platforms that enable them—unearthing the best examples of social and technology innovation, and honoring work that sets the standard for what brands and marketing platforms can achieve. Winning campaigns and technologies are bold, relevant, and effective, as measured by their level of innovation, digital analytics, consumer engagement and business impact.

“Putting vital content in the right hands in real time made Black Ice the most successful integrated, real-time campaign for Erie Insurance in 2014, and a winner in The Hubbies,” said the judges.

“Real-time reach is key in potentially life-threatening situations,” they continued. “With the threat of treacherous black ice and unexpected freezing temperatures in North Carolina and Virginia, Erie Insurance responded with relevant content (how to drive on black ice without skidding, for example), and personalized emails containing agents’ contact information and claims numbers.”

“It was such a successful campaign, in all aspects—timing, content, results,” said Amanda Prischak, Senior Marketing Communications Specialist at Erie. “Brandpoint was integral to our success. The strategy of breaking the information down into multiple posts kept engagement high, and kept customers clicking through to learn more about recognizing black ice and learning how to drive safely on it.” Erie deftly used e-mail, Facebook posts and other push techniques to promote the posts.

“It’s a great win for Erie,” said Scott Severson, Brandpoint president. “We’re proud to be partnering with Erie to create great content that helps their customers live safer lives, and that also wins awards in the digital marketing arena.”

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