Brandpoint Evolution: A Writer’s Digital Journey [VIDEO]

It seems like just yesterday when everyone was first creating their Facebook profiles. Around that same time, in 2006, Laura Malm joined our writing team.

Laura worked primarily on MAT releases — paid feature articles that are placed in newspapers to complement staff-written content. At the time, it was the bread and butter of Brandpoint’s business.

Before social media, brands had fewer mediums through which to reach audiences and relied heavily on print publishers. Consumers could share digital content via email or maybe even AOL Instant Messenger (may it rest in peace), but there wasn’t a digital conversation as prominent and public as there is today.

The MAT release is still an important and reliable tactic for driving brand awareness, but the marketing industry continues to experience massive changes, and Brandpoint has followed suit. In this video, Laura explains the excitement of working at Brandpoint during this digital evolution.

“We have really been driven as a company to stay ahead of media trends,” Laura explains. “Now we offer a whole slew of different solutions for clients, and I love to write different things every day.”

From infographics to blog posts and social media to SEO strategy, we have evolved our content solutions to ensure brands are able to compete in the digital landscape with high-quality content and effective distribution strategies.

“It’s been an interesting journey going from writing mostly for print to writing for various digital platforms,” says Laura. “I think Brandpoint management has given me the tools to evolve my writing. … Because of the environment of evolution and embracing change, it really positions me for success in how I’m able to write for these new, unique platforms.”

This is what we love about content marketing! There’s always change, always something new, and we love continuing to innovate and watch our clients succeed.

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