The Content Marketing Operating System

The Content Marketing Operating System: Your Guide to Brandpoint’s Proven Content Marketing Process

What are the two things your marketing team needs to be successful (and stay sane)? Creativity? Lots and lots of content? Brainstorming sessions every day and reports drawn by the minute? Not quite.

No, instead: Structure and focus.

Without these, you might feel lost on where to start or how to even know if you’re doing the right thing. And while it might sound simple, those two things are easy to forget when you work in a field that’s always changing and always demanding you to produce more, more, more.

As a marketing agency, we get it. We understand this struggle within our own internal marketing team, as well as when we work with clients. So, in 2018, we published an eBook titled The Content Marketing Operating System.

The Content Marketing Operating System (or the CMOS, for short) details our proven process for creating and executing a solid marketing plan from start to finish. And more importantly, how to easily bring structure and focus to your team, your campaigns and your company’s goals as a whole.


What is the Content Marketing Operating System?

The CMOS is like a roadmap that leads you through the six core areas of a successful marketing program: Team, Tools, Audience, Strategy, Data and Content. By sticking to an outline like this, you’ll have greater clarity on what you’re doing (and why you’re doing it), as well as see greater consistency on the impact your marketing efforts have.

The eBook breaks down each of these six areas, and provides a few exercises and tools to help you answer questions about your own marketing program.

A deeper dive into the CMOS

As a companion to the eBook, we’ve created separate posts that break down these concepts with more detailed information and include videos featuring our President and CEO Scott Severson talking through each component of the CMOS.

  • Team: Putting the right people in the right roles to cover all core accountabilities
  • Tools: Finding the most efficient tools and knowing how to use them
  • Audience: Knowing WHO you’re talking to is the best first step in connecting with them
  • Strategy: Learning how to draw a clear path from your goals to what you create
  • Data: Setting and hitting the right goals to determine success (as you define it)
  • Content: Consistently creating high-quality content that drives your customers through their buyer’s journey

Bring structure and focus to your marketing practice

Want to learn how you can apply the CMOS to your company specifically? We’d love to talk it over with you. Shoot us a message and we can meet with you to brainstorm ideas on how to make your lives easier, your content more effective and your bottom line even brighter.

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