The Art & Science of Recruitment Marketing: An Interview with Adriana Kevill of Recruitics

Adriana is the Senior Vice President of Marketing at Recruitics and has an extensive background in Marketing and Digital Strategies, with a focus on Recruitment Marketing. She also has a thorough understanding of different cultures and international business from her time spent in the localization industry.

We had the opportunity to ask Adriana a few questions about the session she’s leading on January 29, “The Art & Science of Recruitment Marketing.” Her session is going to be a great opportunity for those looking to improve their recruitment marketing initiatives. Adriana will be sharing the stage with Mona Tawakali, EVP of Programmatic at Recruitics. They will head a very actionable session on how to influence applicants and move candidates down the application funnel, as well as giving out tips related to career website optimization, social advertising, geofencing, talent communities and more.

What’s a day in the life like in your position at Recruitics?

Things move really fast at Recruitics; no two days are the same. One hour we may be working on optimizing the website, another we will be creating content that is valuable to our target audience. All while going over reports to measure the success of our efforts.

How do you get stakeholder buy-in for your tactic ideas? Have you ever had pushback against any big new plans you’ve had?

We get pushback all the time. The key is to gather enough data (internal and external) to make a case for the initiative we want to move forward. Sometimes it’s industry benchmarks, other times it may be an example from a competitor. The more data we have to substantiate the idea, the more likely it is to get through.

What are the basics of social media recruiting? Are there any big “don’t do”s to watch out for?

We could have an entire session on the basics of social media recruiting. I’d say some key points are authenticity and meaningful content that is relatable to the target audience (prospective candidates). Watch out for excessive “We Are Hiring” posts — if that’s all you publish, you are missing out on the great opportunity to tell the world about the culture and people of your company.

How does recruiting differ in other countries compared to the recruitment marketing you’ve done in the United States?

There are several local differences when it comes to recruitment marketing. One example related to social recruiting is that each country relates to social media a bit differently — for instance, culturally, folks are more resistant to interacting with career social channels in the UK and Germany than they are in the US, Brazil or India. This is the reason why it’s important to have different strategies for each region if you are a global company.

What are the first steps you take to optimize a website to draw candidates down the funnel?

Website visitors should have the opportunity to search for jobs on every website page. Test different colors of ‘search for jobs’ or ‘apply’ buttons, as well as different calls to action. If you can personalize the experience of the candidate, it would be ideal (e.g., if a candidate fills out a profile on your site, the next time he/she visits the site, he should have suggestions of relevant positions he/she can apply for).

Can you tell me a time you’ve taken a big risk in your recruitment marketing efforts? How did it pay off? (Or didn’t!)

We suggested that a client included humor to their organic and paid social campaigns. Using humor is tricky, but it may significantly increase engagement. We got approval and boom! The paid campaign with humor outperformed the traditional campaign by 800%, and the humor category become the most successful among the organic editorial calendar categories.

If you could give yourself one piece of advice for when you first started your career, what would it be?

Working hard is important but so are relationships. Work on those relationships carefully from the beginning.

Catch Adriana at Talent Acquisition Week in San Francisco from Jan. 28-30, 2020.
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