Five Big-Time Benefits of Using a Blog Writing Service

When you look to outsource any part of your marketing strategy, you have to consider the costs as well as the time saved.  If you’re shifting around marketing budgets these days, you may need to convince others on your team that getting help with your blog is essential.  Here are five topics to bring up in the next marketing meeting when you’re asked, “How can we justify having someone else do our blog? Why don’t we just buckle down and do it ourselves?”

Well, a blog writing service lets you:

Focus on other priorities

In today’s marketing climate you have more tasks to complete than ever €¦ and less time to get them done and check them off your to-do list. Writing a unique, insightful and timely blog posts usually isn’t at the top of that list, and if it is, it usually just keeps getting pushed down the queue. Working with a quality blog writing company takes away the stress about blog posts and lets you focus on other matters.

Get more done – and with better quality – in less time

Partnering with a blog writing service takes the pressure off, to be sure. Saving yourself the time it takes to write blog content is a big deal. It can also give can also give you an editorially superior product. Just think: You’re entrusting your blog to a writer whose job is to learn your business and know your target market, then write optimized content to serve your needs and goals. And voila — you become more available for other tasks that require your attention.

Never miss an editorial deadline again

Don’t you already have plenty of deadlines to contend with? Most marketers don’t need to add another deadline to their personal docket, especially something occurring weekly or even more often. When you partner with a blog writing service, you tell them the deadlines and they are responsible for the schedule. That equals no missed editorial deadlines, plus maximum exposure for your website through its oft-updated blog.

Exceptional content makes you a trusted resource to your potential audience

In today’s world, your content is your brand. Your audience can consume your content anywhere, anytime, and on any device. The most successful companies are producing content and sharing it on a frequent basis.  Hubspot research shows when B2C companies blog, they drive 60% more online sales than do their competitors who don’t consistently blog.

Blogging gets results

As content marketing has grown, most companies understand the importance and power of consistent blogging. Brandpoint’s clients see an average increase of 55% in organic traffic when consistent blogging efforts are implemented.  Also, a regular blog tailored to your target audience increases time-on-site and page-views; this generates better traffic, which leads to more inbound leads and ultimately sales.

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