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15 Must-Listen Marketing Podcasts

Looking for a little extra inspiration? Hoping to get caught up to speed in a new role? Want to learn something new?

We got input from marketing professionals — spanning a variety of organizations from agencies to startup businesses — about their favorite marketing podcasts. You’ll stay up-to-date with industry trends,  and walk away with applicable tips to maintain a stronger marketing practice.

Here are some of the best marketing podcasts to check out the next time you go for a walk, eat lunch or commute to work.

1. 60 Second Marketing Podcast

Two PR pros from Cleveland tackle digital marketing topics geared for small businesses. They share information on website development, social media, SEO, reputation management and more. Catch it three to four times each week in the time it takes to go through the Starbucks drive-through.

2. Copyblogger FM

This podcast is just one of seven currently produced by Rainmaker.FM. All of the podcasts cover digital marketing and entrepreneurial topics, but “Copyblogger FM” focuses on content marketing education. Produced by the minds at Copyblogger, the podcast offers tips on copywriting, email marketing, conversion optimization, freelancing psychology of writing and more. (BONUS! Want advice from renowned writers? Check out Rainmaker.FM’s “The Writer Files” podcast.)

3. The Growth Show

Sh*t gets real in HubSpot’s weekly podcast. Hubspot’s Kipp Bodnar and Meghan Keaney interview guests who share insights that will inspire and guide business leaders and entrepreneurs of all industries. Get inspired by stories of epic failure to the even better recovery that followed. Past guests include Alec Baldwin, Julie Zhuo of Facebook, Jonah Peretti of BuzzFeed, and Neil Blumenthal of Warby Parker.

4. Hack the Entrepreneur

SEO expert Bradley Shaw recommends “Hack the Entrepreneur.” Host Jon Nastor goes deep into the mind of the entrepreneur by interviewing business, marketing and other entrepreneurial pros. Listeners can conquer their fears and get useful tips for going out on their own — with no fluff. Recent guests include the founder of Content Marketing Institute, Joe Pulizzi, and SEO specialist Kris Reid.

5. How I Built This

Founder of Lake One Digital, Ryan Ruud, says he’s a fan of NPR’s “How I Built This.” “Too often marketing blogs and podcasts are heavy on tactics. ‘How I Built This’ focuses on the real-life stories of what everyday brands overcame to be everyday brands,” explains Ruud. “It reminds us that we’re more than a marketing playbook and tactics — we hustle, we do, we make growth happen and that is a blend of art, science and sometimes luck. It’s a great leveler.”

6. Marketing in Yoga Pants

You can wear yoga pants when you are your own boss. This podcast is “for the girl on her couch, in her yoga pants, top knot tight, hunched over her laptop, trying her hardest to get the word out about her business.” Less corporate and more indie, it covers actionable advice and interviews with creative business owners, bringing together a tight community of female entrepreneurs.

7. Marketing Over Coffee

The head of marketing at Bioclarity, Matt Edstrom, listens to “Marketing Over Coffee,” hosted by John Wall and Christopher Penn. “Although I also find learning about various marketing topics beneficial, John and Christopher’s weekly news-based discussions allow me to effortlessly stay updated, informed, and ensures I don’t miss any important changes in our industry,” says Edstrom. “Episodes are also short (generally under 30 minutes), sweet, and to the point.”

8. Marketing Smarts Podcast

MarketingProfs is known in the industry to be a main resource for marketers, offering education, tips, advice and research. Their “Marketing Smarts” podcast matches the level of authority and expertise, providing advice from influential marketers. Podcasts are organized by topic so you can find the one you’re looking for in the vast library of podcasts (“thousands,” the website states).

9. Marketing School

This is the big kahuna. Neil Patel is one of the leading marketing influencers on the web. Along with Eric Siu, CEO at Single Grain digital marketing agency, they provide actionable tips and advice on all things marketing. (There are 323 episodes!) Hailey Vasquez, Project Manager at Odd Dog Media, loves “Marketing School” because “they have an incredible knack of making difficult topics easy to understand and implement,” she says. And at less than 10 minutes long, Carrie Wood, CMO at Lease Ref, says the episodes are “tactical and digestible — I always pick up something new.”

10. Masters of Scale

Hosted by LinkedIn co-founder and Silicon Valley entrepreneur Reid Hoffman, you’ll learn how companies “grow from zero to gazillion.” Hoffman commits to a 50-50 gender balance for guests, and in just his first few episodes, he talks with big names such as Brian Chesky, CEO of Airbnb; Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook; and Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook. Larissa Murillo, Marketing Manager at MarketGoo, says that this podcast will “show you how to make your marketing department an indispensable factor in supercharging your company’s growth, including userbase, ARPU, LTV, high-yield automated growth activities and more.”

11. Noah Kagan Presents

Jameson Slattery, VP of Global Marketing at Colorescience, says, “One podcast that has been very beneficial to a lot of people in the marketing world, including myself, is ‘Noah Kagan Presents.’ Although the podcast is relatively new, the show is very informative with all the different types of content Noah uses — no two episodes are alike,” explains Slattery. Some tips are very personable so you can grow and develop, just like your business. And expect plenty of character — just take a look at the bullet-point icons Noah uses in his detailed and entertaining show notes!

12. Paid Search Podcast

Whether you work with Google AdWords every day or are just beginning to learn its intricacies as the sole person on your marketing team, Chris Schaeffer and Jason Rothman deliver straightforward and actionable tips to guide you through the platform and create high-performing ads. The duo has no problem saying, “YES!” and have fun while exploring the ins-and-outs of AdWords each week.

13. Social Pros Podcast

Convince and Convert’s Jay Baer and Salesforce’s Adam Brown take a look at the social media strategies and best practices. They analyze the social media marketing campaigns by companies such as Ford, Dell, IBM, ESPN and tons more. Plus, stay on top of social media stats and trends and get advice from top-notch social media managers.

14. Startup

John Liston is Manager of Strategy and Operations at All Set. He supports the marketing team without much classical marketing training. “Since I joined All Set, I have often used podcasts to fill gaps in my marketing knowledge and one of my favorites is ‘Startup,’” he says. “While not exclusively focused on marketing, this podcast does an excellent job of illustrating how the best companies make marketing and user acquisition integral to every function of the business. The real-world examples and interviews are also great for inspiration and brainstorming purposes.”

15. This Old Marketing Podcast

The Content Marketing Institute (CMI) is a reliable and incredibly well-known resource for all marketers. Its founder, Joe Pulizzi, hosts this weekly podcast with Chief Strategy Officer Robert Rose. While many consider content marketing to be a newer concept, storytelling is one of the oldest marketing disciplines. Joe and Robert dig into content marketing trends, offer rants and raves on content marketing topics and give examples of excellent brand storytelling in this entertaining podcast.

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