Brandpoint Interview Process

Brandpoint’s Hiring Process: What to Expect

It can be daunting trying to figure out what a company is like before applying or accepting a position. Who are they looking for? What is the hiring process like? Is this a place I would enjoy? Let’s take away some of the mystery at Brandpoint. Maybe you’ve heard of us, maybe you haven’t, but no matter what, you’ve landed on our careers page. Here at Brandpoint, the application and interview process are not only a time for us to learn about you, but for you to learn about Brandpoint.

It all starts with who we are looking for: innovators, creators and people who like people.

  • Innovators who are always looking to evolve themselves and Brandpoint products, and who want to grow and embrace change.
  • Creators who bring quality content to clients to help them achieve their goals.
  • People who like people, building relationships with their team members and clients and creating a community based on respect.

Brandpoint Hopkins MN

For candidates that relate to these key characteristics, we have several departments always looking for the most talented in their field. From writers to project managers, account executives to marketing specialists, strategists to designers, Brandpoint does it all in-house.

Once you’ve applied to a job with Brandpoint there are a few things you can expect from us. First and foremost, we respond to all candidate applications regardless of whether you make it to the interview process. If you’re selected to move into the interview stage, you’ll experience the process we’ve established for all teams to stick to when it comes to filling open positions.

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What Our Hiring Process Is Like

1. Phone Interview with HR

This is your first time talking with anyone from Brandpoint. Think of this as a getting-to-know-each-other conversation. We’ll find out more about you, and you get to ask questions about us. We’ll also recap the hiring process and go over our hiring timeline for the position you applied for.

2. Interview with Supervisor

This is a more in-depth conversation about the job and the skills you’ll utilize every day. You get to walk away from this interview having gotten to know your potential supervisor and with more information about the job you would be entering. Ask all the questions you want!

3. Interview with Team Members

Get to know the team members you will be working closely with every day. Learn about the job and the company from their perspective.

4. Skills Assessment

This is where we get to see your skills in action. For many of our positions we like to see your work based on prompts given to you. Writers may write us a short piece, Creatives may design us something, and Account Executives will show us their skills.

5. Onboarding, if Hired

After going through this process, hopefully we have a candidate as excited about us as we are about them! Once an offer is accepted, hiring managers design an onboarding process to work with new members to give them all the tools and knowledge needed to succeed in their job. Questions and ideas are always encouraged.


What does hybrid look like at Brandpoint?

Brandpoint sees a hybrid work environment being different for each role in the company. Team leads work with the members of their team to figure out what is best for their department. This might be one or two dedicated day(s) in office for a team meeting and collaboration, with other days spent working remotely. We do ask that team members come into the office for company events/lunches and client meetings.

What kinds of flexibility does Brandpoint offer?

Brandpoint values quality of life and, with that, flexibility. We want employees to feel like they can go to family events and prioritize their mental and physical health by attending personal appointments. We just ask that you stay in communication with your supervisor when you will be offline. We also have early Friday hours to kick off the weekend!

How does Brandpoint handle employee health and safety?

Brandpoint prioritizes employee health and safety. By following and staying up to date on CDC and Minnesota Department of Health guidelines, we want to remain flexible and adaptable to our ever-changing environment. Employees that are not feeling well for any reason are encouraged to stay home.

What does the onboarding process look like at Brandpoint?

The first few weeks at Brandpoint are focused on meeting members and leaders of each department to learn how all of Brandpoint works together toward our own goals and client goals. You can expect to spend lots of time with members of your own team, shadowing them and learning the responsibilities of your position. It is important to us that new members of Brandpoint feel confident and well equipped in their positions, and that when they have any questions they know where to get answers. Several lunches are sprinkled in during the onboarding process to get to better know your co-workers.

Does Brandpoint have diversity & inclusion initiatives?

Diversity & Inclusion is very important to Brandpoint. Our mission is to increase diversity in the Brandpoint workplace and make our company inclusive to all employees. Our committee works very hard to educate our current team members through events and seminars. We also dedicate resources to reviewing Brandpoint’s policies and hiring practices to ensure they are inclusive to current team members as well as any future team members.

Does Brandpoint value internal growth and development?

Brandpoint takes internal growth and development seriously. Employees are encouraged to continue learning and growing their skills by joining associations and attending workshops, seminars and/or webinars. In the first half of 2021, Brandpoint internally promoted nine team members and created four new positions!

Want to join our team?

Hopefully this article has brought clarity on what it’s like to interview and work at Brandpoint. If you have any other questions, feel free to email me directly at [email protected]. I’d be happy to answer your questions!

To see our current open positions, please click here.

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