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7 Reasons Why Brandpoint is the PR Agency’s Choice

If you’re a PR agency looking for a progressive content marketing agency, you can count on Brandpoint to custom-tailor an effective content plan that meets your specific needs.

You can also count on us to stay up on the media trends, channels, technologies and kinds of content that will best drive your clients’ business. Since our founding in 1996, we’ve continually evolved so we can present clients with the best possible content strategies based on their goals, budgets and capabilities.

Every company has its claims to fame, and these are the seven areas in which we think Brandpoint really shines when it comes to impressing PR agencies.

1. Exceptional customer service

This isn’t just hyperbole on our part. Time and again, clients have told us how our willingness to go above and beyond to keep them happy puts us head and shoulders above our competitors. Just this year, clients collectively ranked us a 9.6 out of 10 in a survey gauging our quality of customer service.

PR Agency Survey

We make that happen by hiring people who truly enjoy the positive responses they get when they listen carefully to what clients want, form strategies to meet client goals, execute on those goals through perseverance and hard work and produce quality content that performs exactly as it should. Everyone who joins the company understands that “client elation” is a primary core value at Brandpoint.

Fortunately, maintaining enthusiasm for our work is easy because we know we’re in a win-win relationship with our customers; we know well-executed content can help them reach their sales and marketing goals, and for that reason we’re happy to walk them through the process every step of the way. Of course, that walk-through is made easier and more efficient with the Brandpoint HUB, which automatically keeps everyone informed and on track when it comes to the creation, delivery and publication of our customized content.

2. Quality of product

Not to brag, but our content is often considered the best in the business — with good reason. In the aforementioned survey, 92.5% of respondents voted our overall MAT release results as superior to those of other providers. 

Brandpoint MAT Release

3. Number of placements

Because our bread and butter has long been MAT releases, we’ve had more than 20 years to build positive working relationships with the publications across the nation that have the greatest demand for branded, consumer-facing articles. Because of our longevity, integrity and reputation for quality, we’ve been able to build the largest MAT release distribution network in the industry, empowering our clients with access to an enormous print, desktop and mobile audience. With our guidance, each MAT you produce can secure more than 1,000 placements (print and online), reaching audiences of 130 million to 190 million every time. We challenge our competitors to achieve that kind of reach.

4. Different format options

When a PR agency buys our media products, it can choose from several different formats depending on how it wants the messaging to be presented. And Brandpoint excels at helping you make the choice that will produce the best possible results for your needs.

While a MAT release that reads just like a news article can lend interest, readability and credibility to the subject at hand, certain information is easier for viewers to process and retain when it’s in listicle form. But infographics have their own advantages: they tend to be eye-catching, easy to understand, memorable and great for SEO. They’re often perceived as authoritative, they’re easy to embed in other media and their components tend to be easy to track and analyze. Our writers and designers can work together to brainstorm the exact messaging you have in mind, and our added services include image sourcing, branded video, animation, Spanish translation and distribution of pharma-oriented articles.

Brandpoint PR Results

5. Premium MAT Releases

When you buy a premium MAT, you buy Brandpoint’s added expertise in amplifying your content to ensure it performs to certain high standards. Through sophisticated native advertising, sponsored content strategies and mobile marketing, your article is subject to guaranteed levels of traffic, high-level audience targeting and a focus on social media through which premium publishers promote your content to their Facebook fans and followers.

6. Top-tier media sites

Because of Brandpoint’s expertise and broad range of business partners, we’re able to offer your branded articles publication in well-known, well-respected publications such as the L.A. Times, USA Today and the Chicago Tribune. Being represented in such objective and credible newspapers and magazines lends considerable credibility to the brand and message being discussed, positioning companies and products as more relevant than they might appear to be in a paid ad.

7. Reporting and metrics

We don’t just create and publish high-quality MATs on your behalf; we follow through with insightful, easy-to-understand reports on how those articles performed in the media. That information allows us to gauge exactly how your content dollar is performing so we can work with you to adjust your content and strategies as needed to optimize revenue.

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