8 Ways Your Corporate Communications Program Can Thrive Using a Guaranteed Media Placement

Corporate communications professionals have had an increasingly intensified weight thrust upon them in the last few years. That’s a big understatement. In addition, finding ways to reach audiences in more impactful and relevant ways is getting more difficult and more important simultaneously.

[Check out my friend MaDonna Sheehy’s post “On Working in Communications During a Global Crisis” for just a few examples.]

Marketing During Ukraine War

What are Guaranteed Engagement, Guaranteed Section Front and Social Promotion?

Brandpoint’s targeting options for Guaranteed Media Placements provide a stunning solution to a number of challenges that corporate communications professionals face. We take lightly branded content, like an article, video or design, and distribute it across our publisher network online. With Guaranteed Engagement and Social promotion, this content is then promoted and targeted at specific audiences to increase engagement and reach. And with Guaranteed Section Front, your article is guaranteed to appear on the section-fronts of select websites’ business pages.

Below you’ll see a list of benefits for these sophisticated distribution offerings that align with several other communications means (targeting, content and measurement). Other advantages are unique to this type of communication channel (business section placement, guaranteed traffic and engagement, and traditional coverage).

(If you need a quick explanation of a MAT Releases and Guaranteed Media Placements, check out “What is a MAT Release?”. And don’t forget to read the BONUS piece at the bottom of this post, too!)

Without further ado, here are eight ways that Guaranteed Engagement, Guaranteed Section Front and Social Promotion will help your corp comm program succeed in a world of chaos:

1. Advanced Targeting

An important part of reaching an audience, especially within corporate communications efforts, is when a reader is consuming content and showing interest in your or your client’s business. We call that the “discovery mode.” All of our targeting options allow you to segment your audience to target your campaign to readers you want to reach the most. Geographic location, age, gender, relationship status, education level, income and work categories are just a few segments we can reach.

2. Surefire Coverage

As many of us know, traditional media relations are instrumental when it comes to third-party credibility and reaching business media. However, we also know traditional media relations have become increasingly hard to earn, especially during the years of COVID and civil unrest. Like Brandpoint’s standard Guaranteed Media Placements, we distribute and promote your targeted sponsored content to publishers across the U.S.

Additionally, all Guaranteed Media Placements are published outside of paywalls, which means your audience has instant and free access to your content. Read this post on five ways to overcome the paywall in media relations.  

3. Guaranteed Traffic and Engagement

With Guaranteed Engagement and Guaranteed Traffic, Brandpoint distributes your message to an average of 1,000 media sites — guaranteed! Then, with Guaranteed Section Front, your content is promoted on the business section-fronts of select top-tier media outlets, including Chicago Tribune, New York Daily News, SF Gate, Houston Chronicle and many more.

4. Business Section Placement

Like you, we believe in order to influence business leaders you must hit them where they live – business sections of national business publications. With Guaranteed Section Front, your article will appear on the homepage of select websites’ business section fronts, including Chicago Tribune, New York Daily News and several other publications, directly alongside business news content.

5. Customized Consulting

Our content promotion team is filled with former journalists, longtime content creators, seasoned graphic designers and excellent video production professionals. These people will help you navigate editorial standards, provide valuable editing services (on new and already established content), and visualize your organization’s complex messaging and ideas. All of this is accessible through your Brandpoint agency or company advocate who has an average of 15 years of experience in the industry. This entire team is driven by amazing customer service and what we like to call Client Elation. Read more about our dedication to client elation here.

the brandpoint PR team at paisley park in chanhassan minnesota

6. Feature Articles

Give your client or organization more depth to address topical events and issues, as well as a newsworthy piece unique to the business. Communicating your DE&I position or environmental and sustainability efforts has never been this easy and helps build authority over your competitors and solidify your organization’s positive reputation.

7. Bylined Articles

Executive visibility has become an integral part of communicating an organization’s position and with the Guaranteed Media Placement you can get the type of coverage your CEO expects in business sections of reputable publications from coast to coast. Placing a piece about your company’s social responsibility program, innovation story and/or employer brand differentiator gives your senior leader the credibility and integrity of the titans of business today.

8. Sophisticated Reporting and Measurement

Receiving a distribution and coverage report that aligns with your communications metrics helps supplement traditional media relations results, along with helping to reach the goals for your overall communications efforts. Brandpoint’s distribution reports make it easier than ever to share your client’s or company’s full story. Our results map is interactive, allowing you to focus on individual states, regions or even on one specific placement.

Bonus: Utilize Your Newly Spawned Content

No one says it better than one of our most-valued clients, Rachel Neff of Finn Partners, “We help your client’s dollar go further.”

By distributing your story through Guaranteed Engagement, Guaranteed Section Front or Social Promotion, you create additional content that can be used in all sorts of ways to increase the value of your efforts including content collateral for sales teams, supplemental support for earned outreach, social content for various channels and email and direct content for lead generation efforts – just to name a few! I wrote a blog a while back about this very thing – 5 Industry Tips and Tricks to Get Extra Mileage Out of Your Content.

Lastly …

Reach out to talk to your advocate to hear more benefits including how Brandpoint’s targeting solutions for Guaranteed Media Placements is controlled media, usage within the internal communications area and our simple process on how to make your Guaranteed Section Front dreams a reality.

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