Easy Infographic Promotion

You already know the power of infographics for grabbing attention and telling your brand’s story quickly, clearly and memorably. But an infographic can only get your message out if people see it. Posting on your website is only going to get you limited traffic.

So how do you generate broader, reliable distribution that reaches far beyond your website and gets your infographic in front of millions of eyes? Push that artwork out with Brandpoint’s industry-leading infographic distribution services.

Standard or Enhanced Distribution

Choose between Brandpoint’s standard or enhanced infographic distribution services. With standard service, you average over 700 online placements and a site audience of 50 million. With enhanced distribution, the placement average grows to over 1,000 and a site audience of 54 million.

Either way, your infographic will appear in the online version of many of the country’s top daily newspapers, including the Los Angeles Times, San Francisco Chronicle, Chicago Tribune, Houston Chronicle, Seattle Post-Intelligencer, Baltimore Sun, Orlando Sentinel, Connecticut Post, Albany Times Union and San Antonio Express-News, just to name a few.

We can distribute your infographic within 24 hours of receiving your artwork (JPG, PNG or PDF format). Social media promotion is included.

Infographic Distribution Services Example
Brandpoint infographic distribution in action

Specialty Infographic Distribution

We can also distribute your health-and-wellness related infographic on Brandpoint’s Health Information Network, or on our far-reaching Hispanic language network.

Infographic Design Services

We’ll write an introduction to your infographic (required for distribution in our network), or edit your introduction, at no additional charge. And if you need infographic design services, we can do that too!

Real-Time Reporting

Brandpoint’s comprehensive 24/7 reporting provides you with a detailed placement list and geographic distribution map. You always know the return you are getting on your infographic distribution investment.

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