How do you inspire, educate and convert your prospects?

Tech companies have a lot to worry about. Besides creating innovative products and keeping up with trends in the industry, marketers in the field must break down potentially complicated subjects in order to appeal to a wide variety of audiences. Segmenting your content plans to fit different groups of customers can help you speak to multiple types of prospects, all while aligning with your overarching brand vision and guidelines.  

Sharing your insights through thought leadership content and simplifying concepts and processes via graphic design will help grow your brand and start turning interested leads into happy customers. Once this pipeline is set in place, tech marketers can focus on telling the story that’s most important: how your product makes people’s lives better.   

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Our in-house writers will do the heavy lifting for you

It can be hard to give up control of the writing you publish on your site. We totally get it. You pride yourself on being an expert in your industry and what your audience wants to learn. That’s why Brandpoint offers full team of creators, from writers to editors to videographers, who will work directly with you to make sure what we make for you lines up with your services, your goals and your vision.  

Additionally, you can gain access to our exclusive network of media and news sites. After creating your thought leadership content, we’ll earn you guaranteed placements on industry-leading publications in order to get your company’s name in front of millions of people. These articles can then be shared to your online profiles to encourage social advocacy, taking advantage of the implied endorsement your company is receiving from these news organizations.  

What We Can Do:

Thought Leadership

Our Expert Series includes a video, bylined article and placement in top-tier media publications.

Video Marketing

From explainer videos to testimonials to product descriptions, video is an effective way to get your message out.

Editorial Process

Our workflow includes as many steps as you’d like in the review process, from looking over copy to approving any images created.

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