Wayside Recovery Center Used Content Strategy to Reach a New Audience

Over 60 years ago, Wayside Recovery Center began with a mission to help women improve the quality of their life. Since then, Wayside has become an expert in delivering gender-specific treatment. 

In an effort to launch a new outpatient treatment program exclusively for women, Wayside worked with Brandpoint to craft a marketing strategy and 30/60/90 content plan that speaks to this demographic of women in a way that resonates with them and removes barriers and the stigma around seeking services for addiction and mental health. 


Brandpoint delivered a thorough competitive audit to accurately capture the recovery landscape that helped uncover unique ways to differentiate Wayside in the marketplace. 

An actionable, easy to executed content plan was developed, with over 50 turn-key topics (pillars and clusters) and a marketing strategy that will streamline their efforts and present their services and value better while proactively engaging with their new audience demographic more effectively.

Additionally, Brandpoint provided recommendations for tweaking their visual brand identity (tone and voice, and creative assets) to accurately reflect who they are.


  1. Wayside is empowering and up-lifting.
  2. Wayside keeps it real.
  3. Wayside is a sisterhood


Brandpoint provided an in-depth level of omni-channel marketing education that gave the Wayside team strategic tactics, tools and resources to roll out their business initiatives cohesively. A comprehensive distribution plan gave them opportunities to reach their audience across digital platforms where their audience is most active. Digital recommendations were made that make their programs more approachable, accessible and actionable online. 

We provided brand methods that will enable them to stand out in the marketplace and de-stigmatize their services so that their core audience feels comfortable to seek help. 

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