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Search engine optimization is key to increasing website traffic

How will you drive traffic to your website? One crucially important tactic is having a technically optimized website. From looking for page load errors to investigating the crawlability of your website, technical SEO is vital to getting users to your website through search.

Is your site fully optimized for search? If you aren’t sure, run Brandpoint’s free SEO audit today to get a snapshot of your website health and optimization.

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Get the data you need to optimize your website and grow your traffic

Brandpoint’s free SEO website audit will quickly crawl a selection of your website and provide you with a report identifying the overall site health and the top areas that you can work on to improve your on-page and technical SEO.

This free report is a sampling of Brandpoint’s in-depth website audit which will uncover any issues impacting your website’s visibility and performance, including page load speed, technical SEO elements and tags, image and caching errors and a host of other items.

We do more than just find the issues

Brandpoint’s team of in-house strategists and web developers can help you beyond just identification of issues, we can help you solve them as well. We work with clients on all kinds of SEO projects, from enhancing your on-page SEO with comprehensive, search intent-optimized content to building fresh, fast and technically sound websites.

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