Employer Branding

Companies need to treat their employees with the same care and consideration they give their customers

Like prospective customers, prospective employees have their own customer journey that leads them to apply for a role at your company. Similarly, prospective clients want to partner with companies with a positive employer image.    

In this tight job market, companies need a strong employment brand to win the competition for top talent. A few negative reviews are all it takes to send top candidates down the street to the next offer. Brandpoint can help improve your employer brand image through reputation management.  

Brandpoint helps your employer branding through content marketing 

Brandpoint’s content marketing strategy and content creation offerings can help companies develop and maintain a positive employment brand to attract, recruit and retain talent and enhance the brand image presented to prospects and clients. 

Our strategic services include an assessment of your current employer branding, a content audit, support for your job posting and application process, content development and a prospective employee persona journey mapping. We will also help you with content creation services, like blog and video content, infographics, on-page copy and editorial Expert Series content to establish your brand’s credibility.  

Benefits of a Strong Employer Brand

Happy Employees = Less Turnover

Attracting the top talent and retaining the staff you have leads to better morale.

Increase in Revenue Numbers

Employee satisfaction directly affects customer satisfaction.

Improved Online Reputation

Giving employees and applicants the best experience encourages positive reviews online. 

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