Turn your blog into a conversion machine

Turn Your Blog Post into a Conversion Machine [Guide]

How do you make sure your blog post is optimized for converting leads?

Connecting the dots between a blog post and a happy customer might be a tough line to see at first, but knowing how every bit of content you publish is part of the sales funnel will help you fully understand your integrated marketing campaigns. But understanding the process is just one part of the puzzle. How can you ensure your blog posts are fully optimized to get readers to your site and to convert?

This 9-point guide covers the important things you need to think about when you design and write your blogs, including:

  • SEO auditing
  • Meta and title tags, URL structure and headers
  • What “quality content” means for conversion
  • UX, accessibility and design
  • CTA best practices
  • And more!

This guide will help you start driving traffic and generating leads on your website’s blog posts!

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