gated asset marketing campaign checklist

Gated Asset Marketing Campaign Checklist

The ultimate guide to launching an integrated marketing campaign to support your high-value, gated asset!

This template will be your go-to guide on planning, executing and launching a lead generating marketing campaign that features a gated asset as a pillar content piece. Creating and publishing a high-quality, gated eBook, template or checklist is a sophisticated marketing tactic to get more contacts into your sales funnel, and developing an organization-wide plan to support the launch will ensure you’ll hit your goals.

This downloadable checklist breaks the process into four sections: Strategic Planning, Pre-Launch, Launch Week, and Post-Launch. Within each section, we detail what each marketing channel needs to focus on, including organic traffic, website development, paid and social media, direct sales support, email marketing and more.

Want to make sure you have everything ready to launch a successful gated asset marketing campaign? This checklist is your answer!

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