How to Use Content to Fuel the Buyer’s Journey

Lead customers through the online purchase funnel with content

Despite a nagging misconception that its use is one-dimensional, “content marketing can help reach people at any stage of the funnel,” according to Moz.

This e-book (and bonus tip sheet) is just what you need to start leveraging quality content to guide your audience through every step of the buyer’s journey.

Here’s what’s inside:

  • How content fuels the buyer’s journey
  • How to measure that content’s success
  • Tips on how to generate positive results
  • BONUS TIP SHEET: 9 ways to maximize your content’s value

Most consumers are just like you. Before they buy something online they head to Google to do a bit of research to ensure an educated purchasing decision. What are they in search of?

You guessed it: Content, content and more content.

Think about it. A search engine query is nothing more than a customer seeking content to satisfy a need. No matter where they are in the buying process, every customer touch point features a valuable piece of content. It’s what makes content an extremely powerful lead generation tool. Whether it’s a simple tweet, an in-depth infographic or a content-rich white paper, it can serve the needs of any customer at any point.

And therein lies the challenge for the modern marketer. Bringing relevant digital content to your online audience isn’t quite as easy as it sounds. The same person might have different needs at each stage in the buyer’s journey and it’s your job not only to create it, but also deliver it to them at the right time. But with the right plan (and the right partner), you and your organization can make it happen.

From awareness through advocacy, for search, site and social, this resource is your first step toward increasing the value of your content and your organization’s SEO value.

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