The State Content Marketing for Financial Services - A look back at prior years' reports

The State Of Content Marketing For Financial Services 2018-2019 [Research Studies]

Brandpoint has partnered with Drive Research for several years and surveyed marketers from all types of organizations in the finance services industry to learn more about the state of financial content marketing. With multiple research studies conducted over several years, we’ve gathered our past reports here to share with you.

Content marketing is a solution that many financial marketers lean on to reach their current customers and find new ones. Considering this, we wanted to see how marketers at financial organizations use content marketing to respond to these changes and connect with their audience.

We looked at four topics:

  1. The adoption and familiarity of content marketing in the financial services industry
  2. The average budget allocated to marketing and trends moving forward
  3. Which tactics are most common and which they view as most effective
  4. The most significant challenges to marketing financial services, currently and in the future

These reports, along with the most current version, will help financial services marketers see trends across finserv marketing, compare their efforts to other organizations and get a bigger picture of the role various marketing disciplines play for financial institutions.

2019 Financial Services Marketing Research Report

2018 Financial Services Marketing Research Report

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