how to write a cold sales email

How to Write the Perfect Cold Email Pitch [Free Templates + eBook]

Sending a cold email to a brand-new lead can be intimidating. This is the first impression you make to a potential client, so starting off on the right foot is crucial. Not only do you have to be charming, intelligent, friendly and engaging, but you have to make a strong case for the recipient to want to do business with your company.

This eBook will walk you through how to craft an effective cold email, and offers over 30 total templates for outreach and follow-up.

How to use these cold email templates

Each template included in this eBook is for different scenarios you might find yourself in during your sales outreach strategy. These cold emails provide a basic framework for the communication, with many different ways to modify the note to apply to your situation.

We want you to take these as inspiration for how to set up your own email communication cadences, with the goal of higher open rates, more sales opportunities and, eventually, an increase in closed won sales.

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