Is your brand generating enough leads?

Following a well-oiled content marketing strategy is the key to attracting interested buyers to your company. Identifying high-quality prospects and then providing them with the right content to keep them interested are the first steps. Using that content to educate, nurture and guide them through the sales funnel leads to improved revenue, conversions and happy clients.

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Lead generation is the process a company takes to bring future buyers into their marketing funnel. It aims to collect specific information about potential clients, such as their email address and job details, turning them into sales leads. With lead generation, prospects first find value in your company’s content. They’ll be willing to share their information to receive access to a high-value piece of content such as an eBook, research report, webinar or other downloadables.

At Brandpoint, we use a variety of methods to attract and nurture the leads that your company wants. At the center of it all is high-quality, useful information. Lead gen tactics should position your company first as a source of knowledge, helping prospects find answers to their specific pain points and questions. Once you have a list of leads, we can also help you nurture them until they’re ready to be passed on to sales, by creating email strategies and other valuable pieces of content.

From organic methods to paid advertising techniques, Brandpoint is equipped to bring you the number of leads your business needs in the time frame that matters most to you.

How Brandpoint Can Help:

Content Creation

We can write and design eBooks, research reports, whitepapers and other valuable resources.

Cost Per Lead Campaigns

Promote your high-quality, gated content through a closed network of industry-specific sites for guaranteed leads.

Audience Analysis

Determine who you want to reach and develop content to speak directly to them.

Native Advertising

Distribute your content on publisher sites and social media ads to maximize your reach.

Search Engine Optimization

Optimize your on-page content to rank higher in search engines, bringing more visitors to your site.

Email Marketing

Nurture the leads you get with segmented, personalized email messaging and campaigns, guiding them through the funnel.

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