Human Resources

Content marketing directly influences your online employer branding

Human Resources is an industry that can greatly benefit from content marketing tactics. Whether you’re looking to earn more job applicants, retain the staff you have or to improve a negative online reputation, a solid marketing strategy can help you reach your business goals through effective employer branding.

Just as with customers, your prospective employees have their own buyer’s journey. While researching which companies to apply for, job seekers rely heavily on what they find online. By publishing on-page copy, blog posts, graphic design and video content, you can represent your company culture, benefits and values to this audience.

We develop full-funnel content marketing plans that will support your HR team

By conducting audits of your existing content and competitors, Brandpoint will create a long-term strategy based on your business goals. We will work with you to optimize your current Careers and About Us pages, focus on keywords that relate to your industry and make sure that all of your social media presences are telling the story you want told.  

Employer branding is a subject that we are passionate about at Brandpoint. Our president, Scott Severson, published this blog post titled “How Your Content Marketing Supports Your Employer Branding” which explains why it’s so crucial for HR and marketing teams to work together. It’s an employee’s market right now – what are YOU doing to stand out from your competitors?   

What We Can Do:

Targeted Content Creation

Ideation and fulfillment of blog posts and on-page copy that speaks directly to the applicants you want to reach. 

Customer Journey Mapping

We will create a full-funnel strategy that reaches your audience where they’re at in their process.

Reputation Management

Taking control of what’s said about you online is an important step in cultivating a positive employer brand. 

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