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Life as a marketer for a financial services institution can be difficult

Helping people with their money can be a sensitive subject, and with so many regulations and laws surrounding the industry, your timely content can often be caught up in lengthy legal reviews. However, by using digital marketing tactics, teams at financial service institutions can build trust and credibility with their industry expertise. Blogs, graphic design, videos, research studies and high-quality resources are a great way to educate your audience all while strengthening the authority and importance of your brand.    

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Industry experience in developing content right the first time

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Over the years, Brandpoint has worked with many types of financial services institutions, such as banks, credit unions and financial planning companies. In this time, we’ve learned what it means to write and create content for this industry: a strict adherence to regulations, a heavy focus on regaining trust after security issues and market crashes, and a major emphasis on humanizing and breaking down complicated subjects into easily digestible content.   

Our financial services clients

Bankers often write for bankers, but Brandpoint’s writers are able to take a dry and complex topic and create content for your website people actually want to read.
Taylor Richardson
Credit Union of Texas

Financial services marketing resources and tools

Here are original research reports, survey result analysis and thought leadership pieces about the challenges marketers face every day in the financial services industry.  

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