Content marketing isn’t just about blogging. It’s about planning. It’s about collaboration. It’s about taking your big idea and turning it into something real.

The BrandpointHUB content marketing platform is where it all begins.

Efficient Collaboration

Content marketing is built on collaboration. The HUB eliminates crowded inboxes, keeps feedback organized and provides an easy way for your entire team to work together.

Simplify Communication

Leave comments. Ask questions. Tag other users.

Organize the Chaos

Never lose track of edits or feedback.

Find the Bottleneck

Easily identify where the process breaks down.

Dynamic Editorial Calendar

This is the HUB’s most powerful feature. It isn’t just your blog schedule. It’s your entire editorial calendar, all under one roof. Organize, edit and manage each pieces of your content marketing program including blogs, eBooks, social media and website content right from your calendar.

Marketing Headquarters

Access all your written and visual content assets.

Better Visibility

Provide your team with a clear view of your content schedule.

One-click Creation

Create any kind of content on any date with just a few clicks.

Seamless Creation

While the HUB might be a new content management tool, you’ll feel like you’ve always used it. The content creation experience feels like the writing and editing tools you’re already using so you spend less time getting familiar and more time creating.

Smooth Transition

Content writing and editing looks and feels like your favorite writing tools.

Easy Optimization

Easily include critical header tags, metadata and other SEO elements.

Content Central

Always have quick and easy access to relevant visual or research assets.

Create better content more efficiently.

And spend less time, work, and money doing it.


Ideal for growing your content marketing practice.

Up to 10 Users

$162 / month

(Billed Annually – 10% Discount)

$180 / month (Billed Monthly)


Great for managing clients and multiple teams.

Up to 20 Users

$324 / month

(Billed Annually – 10% Discount)

$360 / month (Billed Monthly)


Perfect for high-volume agencies and large businesses.

Unlimited Users

$486 / month

(Billed Annually – 10% Discount)

$540 / month (Billed Monthly)

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