Guest Blogging Guidelines

We're always looking for fresh perspectives and innovative ideas. Here are a few things to keep in mind before submitting a topic or an article.

About Brandpoint’s audience

Our goal is to help people be better content marketers. Our audience consists of marketing managers and PR professionals looking for ways to better serve their customers or clients and make a positive impact at their organization. They come in contact with a lot of content during the day and they look to Brandpoint to be a unique and reliable resource.

Some blog formats relevant to our audience:

  • How-to’s with detailed, actionable tips
  • Definition blogs with in-depth information about a bigger subject
  • “What’s trending” with researched and data-supported content marketing trends

We want our readers walking away with more knowledge than they came with and we want them to be able to put that information into action.

About Brandpoint’s blog

We approach our blog content with a personable and relatable voice while maintaining a confident, trustworthy tone. Our readers want content from real people with real experience and insights, and your submission should reflect that.

Brandpoint’s blog is organized into 5 categories:

Keep these categories in mind as you think about topics you’d like to cover.

What to include in your submission

Our blog submission process is simple.

First, pitch us a topic or two, along with a few examples of your work. If we see a good fit, we’ll request a formal submission and pass along a proposed draft schedule and publishing deadline.

We welcome any and all submissions to our blog. But including the following elements will greatly improve your chances of being published:

1. Strong grammar and style

We certainly don’t expect submissions to be perfect and all submissions will be subject to edits and changes. But it’s a good idea to have your piece checked by an editor to make sure there are no glaring spelling or grammar issues and that the piece has a consistent voice and style.

2. Brand promotion is at a minimum

The Brandpoint Guest Blog program is designed to help you promote your writing and unique ideas, not your organization’s products and services. Feel free to include a link in your bio. But any more than that might hinder your chance at being featured.

3. SEO optimized format

Blogs submitted should be well organized with a structure like a numbered or bulleted list, and alternate headings to make the blog shareable and easy to consume.

What we need from you

If we’ve found a good match, there are just a couple things we’d like from you before we go live with your content.

1. A bio

Take up to 60 words to tell us who you are, what you do and where our readers can find you if they want to learn more. This is where you can include some more promotional links if you want.

2. A headshot photo

If you’ve got a headshot you want featured, send it along with your submission.

Are you ready to pitch a topic? Do you still have some questions? Shoot us an email at

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