November 20, 2017
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webinar is an online presentation or meeting that allows viewers from any location to participate via the internet. Webinars are very interactive, allowing viewers to ask questions or participate in live discussions.

Why host a webinar?

Webinars are a popular marketing tactic to generate new leads, nurture current customers and establish your brand’s authority by teaching viewers something new. Effective webinars motivate viewers into action to solve their issue or to learn more. Talk to your viewers’ pain points and subtly show them how your brand can help.

Once the webinar is complete, follow up with your new leads by sending a recorded link to the webinar, add them to a marketing automation campaign to continue nurturing them, and depending on their lead score, your sales team can eventually follow up with them.

Here are a few other reasons why you may want to host a webinar:

  • Webinars can be used in sales and marketing, education and corporate training
  • No special equipment is required – all you need is internet connectivity, audio headset (microphone and headphones), webcam for presenters and a hosting system
  • You can reach a worldwide audience
  • Webinars can be as interactive as desired – allowing for multiple presenters, online chatting for communication, sharing of desktop visuals or videos
  • Webinars can be recorded for future viewing and can be linked in other marketing materials such as emails and blog posts

Challenges of hosting a webinar

Webinars must contain useful, original content, which can take a lot of time to develop. One solution is to repurpose your content. For example, if you’ve already produced an eBook, split it into three different parts to host a webinar series. A webinar will allow you to go into even more depth on these topics, and give viewers an opportunity to ask questions.

Pro tip: Record webinar questions to use as future blog posts or other content. These questions are valuable because it gives your marketing team insight into what your ideal customers struggle with, and how your brand can help.

Another challenge is getting the word out about your webinar. Plan out regular emails and segment your list depending on the topic of your webinar to reach your ideal audience. Advertising on social media sites and using their targeting capabilities will also help you reach your ideal customers and generate new leads.

November 20, 2017

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