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November 22, 2017
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Reaching a Massive Audience

A MAT release, which stands for master of aligned type, is a PR tool used to generate media coverage and build brand awareness. It’s similar to a press release because it helps brands extend their message to a broad audience. However, a press release is aimed at journalists in hopes that they’ll cover your product or service in an article. A MAT release is a feature article that’s ready for an editor to include in a newspaper.

Traditionally, MAT releases have appeared in newspapers and publications to complement staff-written material and are hand-picked by editors. With the advent of the internet, MAT releases have become a powerful digital marketing tool, as well.

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Engaging a consumer audience

A MAT release is written for a consumer audience and are generally 450-650 words. They’re meant to educate readers about a specific topic by providing “how to” tips or by offering readers new ideas on how to accomplish a goal or solve a problem. MAT releases are written more like a news or magazine article rather than a sales pitch. In most cases, there are just two brand mentions in an article, including a link to the website as the concluding CTA.

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Benefits of a MAT release

A MAT release has the potential to reach a massive audience. Writing and distribution services are available that have established relationships with media outlets to ensure optimal placement.

Releases are distributed to those networks of news outlets, including print, broadcast and online media. Since they are well-written, quality news stories, they typically are used without being edited.

Because MAT releases educate readers, they’re an ideal tool for establishing brand authority and building trust with readers. It’s important to only provide researched information in MAT release articles to enhance this trust with consumers.

MAT release best practices

Brands can outsource the work for writing a MAT release, or they can write their own. There are a few key best practices when writing a MAT release for a better chance at getting the article picked up by an editor. A few of these tips include:

  • Write a descriptive headline
  • Be brief
  • Make it easy to read
  • Don’t make it all about you
  • Cite credible sources

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November 22, 2017

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