November 22, 2017
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An eBook is an electronic version of a book. It can be accessed and read online using a variety of platforms. An EPUB-style eBook is formatted for eBook readers such as Kindles, ipads, Nooks, etc., and is used most often for recreational reading purposes. In marketing, eBooks are commonly formatted as a PDF because they can be easily created and read on any computer, tablets or smart phone.

How are eBooks used in a marketing plan?

Marketers create eBooks to present longer, in-depth information as part of a content marketing strategy. As stated by the Content Marketing Institute, “eBooks are unique marketing tools because they don’t seem like marketing tools.”

Brands create eBooks to offer tips and educational information to build authority with prospects and show off their expertise. Often eBooks also contains original research conducted, or sponsored by, a brand. This makes the eBook highly valuable because this information cannot be accessed anywhere else. No products or services are explicitly sold in the eBook, but the eBook helps build brand recognition and trust.

An eBook also positions an organization, or an employee within an organization, as a recognized thought leader on a specific topic. Having published works can help secure speaking opportunities and media interviews on the topic.

Generating qualified leads

Marketers often gate eBooks to generate leads. This means that users must exchange some information (name, email address, phone number, company name, etc.) in order to receive the eBook.

People who are looking for in-depth information on a certain topic and who are willing to exchange their information for a piece of content are more likely to become a customer than someone who just views a blog post from organic search. It’s why eBooks are considered to be an effective way to generate more qualified leads.

Consider the time commitment

Though eBooks are effective at generating leads, they are time intense to create. It requires research, writing, formatting, editing and design. Though no agent or publisher is needed, it’s recommended to have a strong team of creatives so the eBook is as professional as possible.

November 22, 2017

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