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November 22, 2017
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case study, also called a success story, is a way to present information about a project, process or event. A case study’s main purpose is to provide prospects a detailed story of how a company’s product or service helped solve a customer’s problems.

What should be included in a case study?

A case study analyzes a customer’s specific project. Key elements of a case study include background information, details about decision making and process, information about who was involved, and the results of the project. Depending on the company, a case study can also include visuals that display the final result. Including numbers (ex: traffic increased by 75 percent) shows prospects what their success could look like if they use a company’s product or service.

Avoid embellishment in case studies. It will appear over promotional. Prospects reading case studies care more getting to know what it’s like to work with a company and seeing what results typically look like. Think of case studies like a news story and less like a feature. It includes facts, stats and quotes from the case study’s subject.

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Where to find a case study

Finding a good candidate to include in a case study means understanding your product/service and your clients. Anyone within an organization can keep an eye out for good case studies, especially those who regularly work with clients such as the sales and customer service teams. Case studies must be created on a regular basis to showcase a company’s recent work.

The marketing impact of a case study

Sharing case studies helps marketers position their organization as an expert in their industry by securing evidence from a third party that uses the product or service. It’s easier than ever for a prospect to search for reviews and recommendations about a company online. When a marketing department publishes a case study, they are in control of the message shared and can ensure that a positive experience is conveyed. Some case studies are valuable enough to be gated to help with lead generation.

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November 22, 2017

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