404 Error

November 22, 2017
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A 404 error is a page not found error. This is a common error and means that you clicked on a broken link or typed in a website address that cannot be found. The error appears when you land on a missing page within a website that is running. A different error occurs when an entire website is down.

Why do 404 errors occur?

404 errors can occur when the navigation of a website changes or a page is removed. A link is considered broken if a page is removed or the website address for that page changes and a redirect link isn’t created.

Why should a marketer care?

It is important for a marketing professional to clean up 404 links because they can be a sign of a low-quality website, which can result in lower search engine rankings. It can also provide a poor user experience, causing users to navigate away from the site. This results in a higher bounce rate and a negative effect on website traffic.

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How to fix 404 errors

Broken links can be found by manually testing the links within a website or using a service that regularly runs a check and provides a report of any broken links. When a broken link is found you should remove it or replace it with a working link. A 301-redirect can also be used to bring users to a different page of your website.

November 22, 2017

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