G-Force Builds a Brand that Helps Define Who They Are in a Niche Market

See how Brandpoint helped G-Force to building brand awareness 

using content strategy to reach their audiences online.

G-Force works with organizations to manage the large-scale and tactical aspects of marketing campaign rollouts. They help brands bring big things to life through planning, scheduling, training and reporting. Even though G-Force has a unique brand, they knew that to bring their vision to life and expand their business, they would need help understanding who their audience was. 

Brandpoint worked with G-Force on brand positioning, tone and voice, audience analysis and message mapping to ensure G-Force’s brand value and services were conveyed to its target audiences clearly and effectively. 

“Brandpoint’s guidance helped us bring our brand to a new digital audience. They were able to help us express our unique while articulating the value of our services in an approachable way.”

Marcel Gyswyt
Principal, G-Force Fulfillment


The marketing and brand strategy that Brandpoint developed for G-Force helped shape and reinforce a desirable view of the brand with their target audience. 

All tactics expressed the intended brand messages through relevant copy and compelling imagery. 

Brandpoint also provided guard rails for a consistent brand voice used when speaking to their target audiences, retail agencies and end users, building an authoritative brand position for future success and growth. 

Additionally, a tone and voice was created to make G Force’s retail planning, visual auditing services and business values accessible, upfront and not muddled with jargon.


The suggested copy changes have given G-Force a more approachable presence, while keeping their personality and military brand as a common undertone. The brand is now using military terms that make sense in context and don’t strain to reach goals.

This new approach creates a memorable brand experience that sets G-Force apart from the competition; qualifying business opportunities with clear expectations!

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