Is your marketing team having trouble growing your manufacturing business?

There are so many challenges we’re all facing right now – cancelled trade shows, budget cuts, and remote work – that content marketing can help solve.

Who is this Webinar for?

This session is for marketers from manufacturing companies who are looking to promote and grow their business. In relation to the COVID-19 crisis, these are marketers who know that they must keep moving forward in order to set themselves up for success in the future. Marketing teams, big or small, can benefit from the use of the tactics we will share throughout this session.

What will I Learn?

You’ll come away from this session with a solid plan of how the four media types can drive your manufacturing business, generate leads and boost revenue. We’ll also provide examples of how other manufacturing companies successfully use content marketing.

You should expect to:

  • Learn new tactics to add to your content marketing strategy
  • Be inspired by different ways other companies are promoting their brand
  • Get a better sense on how each layer of the PESO model works with each other for a holistic plan
  • Set up their company for future success

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Create content that speaks to multiple levels of decision-makers

Many manufacturing marketers need their content to speak to different roles and positions in their target client companies. We always start our strategy planning with an analysis of your audience to learn more about everyone involved in your customer’s journey and to find opportunities for new clients to target. After that, we dig in.

Many times, the decision-making process for your customer is a long one. We can create content that’s a balanced mix of industry-specific messaging with emotion-based human stories to speak to your clients at every stage of the funnel.

In our work with Quarrix Building Products, we created optimized content that helped their site technically rank in search engines, but also spoke directly to two key audiences. This content, created with social media distribution in mind, told their value story with helpful tips and personalized stories that appealed to both everyday shoppers and future business partners.

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