Get More Out of Your Existing Content:
Tips for Conducting an Actionable Content Audit

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Do you remember the content your company created a few months ago? LasT Year? Five years ago?

If not, creating a content inventory and conducting an audit of existing content can help you find new opportunities that could save your team time and generate more meaningful results.

Especially during a time when many marketers’ priorities are shifting, conducting a content audit can be a quick and easy first step in creating a more strategic approach to your marketing efforts to help you discover content that…

  • was created for specific audiences and buyer stages to use in targeted distribution campaigns.
  • can be easily repurposed into other content formats for more traffic and lead opportunities.
  • can be placed on the homepage or product pages to offer a more seamless user experience.
  • can be deleted to help improve your site’s SEO value.
  • doesn’t yet exist – find what audience segments, products, or pain points you haven’t yet communicated.

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Valerie Turgeon

Digital & Content Strategist

Val is a former journalist who transitioned to content marketing to use her research and storytelling skills to help grow businesses. At Brandpoint, she enjoys partnering with clients to build and improve their content marketing programs – and most importantly, to provide their prospects and customers with content that actually helps them. Val specializes in messaging, UX, SEO and creating multi-channel content plans that meet buyers at every stage of their journey, working with clients in a variety of B2B and B2C industries including finance, healthcare, software and pet food.

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