Deluxe Treasury Management Generates Qualified Leads With High-Value Content

Find out how Brandpoint’s gated asset development team and CPL network generated hundreds of leads in one month. 

Leads Generated in One Month
Targeted Impressions in One Month

Deluxe Corporation is a global Fortune 500 company that has helped consumers, small businesses, corporations and financial institutions thrive for over 100 years. Their Treasury Management Solutions division works with industry leaders to accelerate access to working capital, improve straight-through processing and drive profitable growth. They do this through in-house, hosted or BPO solutions for receivables management, remote capture, payment processing services and treasury management on-boarding. 


Deluxe had to create eight gated asset campaigns that educated the target audience⁠—financial professionals⁠—and empowered them with information.

Deluxe wanted to position a new product solution for their integrated receivables line of business. To do this, they created a variety of well-designed, high-value pieces of content that showcased Deluxe’s modern and authoritative brand which were then distributed to a very sophisticated and targeted audience in the finance industry.


– Generate leads with whitepapers, eBooks and analyst reports.

– Drive visitors back to the Deluxe Treasury Management website.


Delivering qualified leads to the client at an accelerated pace is attributed to the quantity of quality content being distributed—eight high-value piece of original content total—and variety of creative content formats in the campaign rotation. (As shown in the image to the right.)  

 Brandpoint’s next steps with Deluxe include adding additional content to the mix in order to provide fresh content to consumers, garner deeper insights based on performance and conduct A/B testing with headlines and creative formats.

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