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Improve your search visibility by creating an SEO strategy

SEO is fundamental to any content strategy

Your brand requires high-quality content crafted with search engine optimization in mind. Your audience is looking for expertly-written content that addresses their questions. How well you combine journalism, creative writing and the latest digital marketing practices is the clearest path to better search engine results. Brandpoint’s content marketing strategists work hand-in-hand with our writing team to craft quality content that pulls in prospects and delivers higher SERP positions.

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We are passionate content experts and believe quality content combined with a sound SEO practice can help redefine an organization’s ability to:

  • Generate more inbound traffic
  • Build brand awareness and loyalty
  • Create sustainable lead generation
  • Educate consumers and create a shorter sales cycle

How does it work?

Keyword stuffing into hollow content serves no one. That’s why Brandpoint’s professional writers are trained on the latest SEO practices and use industry-leading SEO tools like Moz, Spyfu and, of course, Google Analytics to capture the most accurate and comprehensive portrait of your SEO value and that of your competitors Your content strategy should identify three core factors to determine the most efficient way to increase your organic traffic.

1. Your current SEO value

An audit of your current SEO value is our first step toward understanding exactly where your biggest search opportunities are. To calculate this value, we determine how much money your brand would need to spend achieve the same organic keyword rankings you currently have. It provides a glimpse into what your brand is doing well and the biggest places to improve.

2. A competitive analysis

The second core SEO factor we look at is the SEO value and ranking keywords of your biggest competitors and analogues. We can use the same tools and tactics to figure out their SEO value and find the highest-value search terms they rank for.

3. Find your biggest opportunities

Going from SERP #10 to #1 is a tall order, especially if you’ve got a competitor sitting on top. Through our keyword research, we’ll identify your highest ranking keywords and help you get them even higher. We’ll also help identify relevant keywords that are less competitive and help you leverage content to scale your rankings.

How we can help

A good content marketing strategy starts with a content calendar. After all this SEO and keyword research, our skilled content strategists will build out an editorial calendar, keyword map and content recommendations to help you both answer your audience’s most important questions and vastly improve your ranking.

We’ll take a detailed look at your current market efforts, the communities you serve and overall data and goals. With this information in mind, we create a content strategy designed specifically for you.

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