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Metadata, technical SEO, analytics and content – We’ll set your website up for long-term SEO success!

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Search engine optimization is a continuous process that can be overwhelming when getting started.

We perform a series of audits to identify opportunities to improve your website’s site structure, load speed and “Bot-Appeal”. We’ll prioritize the optimization tasks and provide you with a clear roadmap for implementation. Some of our audits include:

1. Technical SEO – Addressing issues that affect how search engines crawl your website

We look at site speed, link structure, schema markup, redirects, 404 errors and countless other bugs to figure out which issues are affecting your site’s crawlability.

2. Metadata – Optimizing how your pages appear in search results

With a keyword strategy in place, we’ll enhance the titles of your web-pages and write descriptions that make your audience want to learn more.

3. On-page SEO – Making your content look good to search engines

We’ll optimize your content by strategically including keywords, links and graphics that indicate your content is great.

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