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Improve your search visibility by creating an SEO strategy

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is fundamental to increasing organic traffic and getting your website found.


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Improve how you rank for the terms your audience is searching for

Combining journalism, creative writing and the latest digital marketing and SEO practices is the clearest path to better search engine results. Brandpoint’s content marketing strategists work hand-in-hand with our writing team to craft quality content that pulls in prospects and delivers higher SERP positions.

We are passionate content experts and believe quality content combined with a sound optimization practice can help redefine an organization’s ability to:

  • Generate more inbound traffic
  • Build brand awareness and loyalty
  • Create sustainable lead generation
  • Educate consumers and create a shorter sales cycle

With Brandpoint, consider your website optimized

Brandpoint’s professional writers and strategists pair industry-leading analytics tools and a passion for compelling, high-quality content to give you a robust SEO plan, ready to implement. We capture a comprehensive summary of your current search visibility and look at your competitors to help identify high-value opportunities. Brandpoint’s proven process creates a foundation for data-driven growth and a plan for success.

1. We evaluate your current search visibility and set benchmarks

Your strategist will audit your current search presence using the best tools available, a ton of experience, and an arsenal of best practices. We’ll identify key metrics for improvement, ensure they align with your organization’s digital marketing goals, and set up a system to track your progress.

2. We identify issues with your existing content and identify opportunities

From technical SEO to metadata and semantic issues, we’ll find high-value SEO opportunities in your existing content. Then, we’ll provide suggestions for new content that will help you reach your marketing goals give you a content marketing strategy to serve as a road map for implementation. We’ll even help you develop quality content marketing assets.

3. We review what worked and adapt your SEO strategy to be more effective.

Search engine optimization is an ongoing process and it’s important to regularly assess which tactics produced the best results and why they’re effective. Brandpoint’s flexible engagement structure ensures that we can adapt your content strategy to focus on the areas with the most likely results.

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