Marketing Automation Strategy

Marketing automation requires a scalable content creation strategy


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Marketing automation tools have so many options, your campaigns can get out of hand very quickly. Not only is the logic a challenge, but without the content to fill out the engagement your wildest dreams are just wild.

Brandpoint will bring focus, scope and quality to your email marketing campaigns


Targeting and segmentation

We’ll help you identify and build contact lists to build your campaigns around. Whether you want to engage an existing client list, nurture inbound leads, or create courteous autoresponder emails, we’ll outline the process, the content and other assets you’ll need to get there.

Campaign logic and content

Based on your requirements, we’ll give you the specs for the email cadence, what they should say, how they should look and what they should link to. Scalability is critical to marketing automation success, so we provide our clients with recommendations for A/B testing, more refined logic, and more robust content.

Benchmarks and reporting

Although every organization has different goals and processes, we’ll consult with your team to identify the best metrics of success and the best means of tracking them. Whether it’s your click-through-rate or the number of whitepaper downloads, we’ll help you brainstorm the perfect tracking solution.

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