Content Strategy

Without a data-driven content marketing strategy you’re wasting your marketing resources. Taking the time to understand your audience, how they interact with content and their decision-making process is the first step to improving your marketing ROI.

Brandpoint uses a suite of SEO, analytics and artificial intelligence tools to create a content marketing strategy that targets your audience, maximizes your resources and helps you create more relevant content.

SEO Strategy

Turn valuable organic search opportunities into an editorial plan.

Search engines value quality content more than anything else. A Brandpoint content strategy features a full SEO and content audit, a competitive analysis and identifies the search opportunities your organization might be missing. Your content strategist will also include topic generation services, turning those SEO opportunities into a robust editorial calendar.

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Social Media Strategy

Give them something to talk about.

Social media marketing is becoming increasingly important… and increasingly difficult. There are more brands on more channels every single day. Brandpoint’s social media strategy and management packages will help you find your audience on social media and develop content assets optimized for likes, comments and shares.

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Marketing Automation Strategy

Optimize your nurturing campaigns and engagements.

Improving your marketing automation activities requires more segmentation and more targeted content for each segment. No matter which platform you're using, Brandpoint will help you take your lead nurturing and sales funnel to the next level.

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Audience Analysis

Understand who you need to reach and their content needs.

Your marketing messages can’t be successful if you don’t know who you’re talking to. We use analytics, SEO and artificial intelligence tools to help brands discover their audience by developing in-depth buyer personas and a content plan to reach them at every stage of the buyer’s journey.

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