Fixed-Cost Lead Generation

It's simple. You set the price. We bring you qualified leads.

Our fixed-cost lead generation service has a single focus: Use gated content to drive more qualified leads for your business.

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While website traffic has been the most common KPI for B2B marketers in the last several years, the Content Marketing Institute and Marketing Profs content marketing study now suggests the most important metric is sales lead quality.

And a really effective way to generate high quality leads is through content.

Thoughtful, well-researched and in-depth pieces like eBooks, infographics and case studies can be valuable enough that readers willingly offer their name, email address and other professional information in order to access it.

We call that gated content. It gives your audience substantial industry insights while giving you critical information about individuals who show interest in your brand and the kinds of solutions you offer.

How Brandpoint Generates Your Leads

Brandpoint’s Cost Per Lead, or CPL, campaigns are fixed-cost lead generation tactics which promote your high-quality, gated content through a closed network of industry-specific B2B websites. The content is gated within those networks and leads are gathered directly on the trusted websites in those networks. It’s the perfect solution to help you kick start a lead generation program or boost your existing lead generation efforts.

Key Features

  • We can apply specific filters to gather leads based on your needs.
  • We can target based on: Geography (country and state), industry, user’s role, user’s job level (from intern to C-suite) and company size as measured by number of employees.
  • We deliver a list of the leads generated from the client’s content. The list typically includes the contact’s name, phone number, email address, company and title.

Most importantly, you only pay for the leads you get. You tell us who you want to target and how much you want to pay for each lead. We’ll deliver them and you won’t have to spend a single penny more.

Turn your content from a traffic driver to a sales driver with a fixed-cost lead generation campaign with Brandpoint.

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