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Native advertising integrates high-quality branded content into the organic or “native” experience of a given platform , creating a non-disruptive user experience.

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What is native advertising?

As a form of paid media, native ads integrate high-quality branded content into the organic or “native” experience of a given platform (website, mobile app, etc.). The content maintains the look and feel of the platform on which they display in a non-disruptive user experience.

Native ads are attention grabbers, drive traffic to your website, and create awareness around a particular campaign. Because native ads integrate with their host and rely on quality content for their value, they’re an ideal way to get your content seen. Native ads are proven to significantly outperform standard display ads.

Brandpoint uses 2 types of native ads

To compete with the incomprehensible amount of content online, native advertising has become a core part of content distribution strategies. Brandpoint has helped drive hundreds of thousands of visitors to our clients’ websites using native advertising best practices.

Whether you’re promoting a blog, an eBook, an infographic or a landing page, Brandpoint has a native advertising tactic that’ll get your content seen:

1. Fixed-Cost Lead Generation

Fixed-cost lead generation is the best native advertising solution for organizations focusing on driving leads. Our CPL (cost-per-lead) amplification service has a singularity of focus: We drive leads. You decide how many leads you want to generate, and Brandpoint will promote your high-quality, gated content through a closed network of sites.

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2. Content Amplification

Brandpoint’s amplification services drive traffic to a desired landing page on your website with multiple layers of targeting capabilities.

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