News Briefs

Also known as "Quick Reads"

Generating media placements in print newspapers isn’t easy. It means endless hours of pitching editors on the merits of your brand story. The results are often hit-and-miss, especially when editorial space is at a premium in most print publications.

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That’s why we developed Quick Reads.

Quick Reads are news briefs that incorporate brand messaging like a MAT release but are much shorter (about 100-150 words). Brandpoint has an exclusive distribution partnership with one of the biggest newspaper companies in the U.S. for our clients’ MAT releases and Quick Reads.

The good news is that they’re completely FREE when you purchase a MAT release.

Why Quick Reads?

Big jump in results: These bite-sized news briefs dramatically increase print placement totals in three categories:

  • Home and Garden: 46 percent average increase
  • Health: 103 percent average increase
  • Food: 75 percent average increase

Quick Reads news briefs also give your content incredible value in addition to viewership:

  • Strong pickup rate: We currently see an 80 percent pick-up rate.
  • Guaranteed branding: Your Quick Read always will include at least one brand reference.
  • Consumers love them: Easy-to-read, bite-sized articles are a perfect fit for readers on the go.
  • Section-front placement: Location matters. Quick Reads get ideal, front placement for branded content in popular consumer sections: Home, Health and Food.
  • Lightningfast results: Once your Quick Read is published in a print newspaper, we will clip it and have it accessible in your reports within two weeks.
  • Did we mention it’s free? When you purchase a MAT release in the Home, Health or Food categories, a Quick Read is included free of charge.

Quick Reads news briefs are just another way Brandpoint can maximize your brand awareness and help squeeze every last bit of value from your content.

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